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No Ordinary Disruption The Four Global Forces

by: Richard Dobbs

We are surprised when new competitors burst on the scene or businesses protected by large and deep m..

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The Living Organization

by: Norman Wolfe

The pressure on CEOs and other organization leaders to create results, while balancing an increasing..

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Managing Time 20Minute Manager 10%

Managing Time 20Minute Manager

by: Harvard Business Review

Does it seem like you never have enough time to get everything done? Keeping on top of your tasks, d..

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Delegating Work 20Minute Manager

by: Harvard Business Review

You know you need to delegate some of your work so that you have time to focus on the things that re..

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HBR Guide to Office PoliticsHarvard Business Review Guides

by: Karen Dillon

Don't let destructive drama sideline your career. Every organization has its share of political dram..

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Dragons at Your Door How Chinese Cost Innovation Is Disrupting Global Competition

by: Ming Zeng

he new competitive challenge from Chinese businesses is like nothing seen by Western companies since..

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The Alliance Managing Talent in the Networked Age

by: Reid Hoffman

The employer-employee relationship is broken, and managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: the ..

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Running Meetings 20Minute Manager

by: Harvard Business Review

Feeling stressed about your upcoming presentation? Whether you're nervous about how you'll organize ..

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The New Rules Of Wealth

by: Ben Benson

The book isn't a preach, but pearls of wisdom that has come from the author's experience of going fr..

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The Rules of Retl

by: Robin Lewis

In The New Rules of Retail , industry gurus Robin Lewis and Michael Dart explained how unprecedented..

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Top Business Psychology Models 50 Transforming Ideas for Leaders, Consultants and Coaches

by: Stefan Cantore, Jonathan Passmore

Top Business Psychology Models is a quick, accessible overview to the fundamental theories and frame..

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Risk Management -

by: Paul hopkin

Risk management is not just a topic for risk professionals. Managers and directors at all levels mus..

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The Everything Store Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon 15%

The Everything Store Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

by: Brad Stone

Though started off delivering books through the mail, its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, ..

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The Virgin Way: How to Listen Learn Laugh and Lead

by: Sir Richard Branson

In September 2012, a Yougov poll conducted in Britain found that the person British workers would mo..

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Serious Creativity : How to be creative under pressure and turn ideas into action - (PB)

by: Edward De Bono

If you want to be the best, focus on your most valuable asset: the power of your creative mind As..

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You Can Negotiate Anything The Worlds Best Negotiator Tells You How To Get What You Want

by: Herb Cohen

Herb Cohen believes the world is a giant negotiating table and, like it or not, you're a negotiator...

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R Guide to oahing Employees Harvard Bune Riew Guides 10%

R Guide to oahing Employees Harvard Bune Riew Guides

by: Harvard Business Review

Help your employees help themselves.As a manager in today’s business world, you can’t just tell your..

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Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl And Why You Should Too

by: The Motley Fool

Investingisn’t a man’s world anymore—and the provocative and enlightening WarrenBuffett Invests Like..

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Warren Buffett on Business: Principles from the Sage of Omaha

by: Richard J. Connors

Warren Buffett on Business is a timeless guide to strategies that can help you run a successful busi..

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Accelerate Building Strategic Agility for a FasterMoving World

by: John P. Kotter

Based on the award-winning article in Harvard Business Review, from global leadership expert John Ko..

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The First 90 Days

by: Michael D. Watkins

In this updated and expanded 10th anniversary edition, internationally known leadership transition e..

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My First Book of Business Ethics Executive Board BookBB

by: Alan Axelrod

The perfect gifts for today's busy execs and future corporate leaders, the Executive Board Book seri..

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Strategic Talent Development: Develop and Engage All Your People for Business Success

by: Janice Caplan

In recent years globalization and technological advances have changed the business world. Organizati..

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Mad Money Journey A Financial Adventure

by: Mehrab Irani

Tired of his energy- and money-draining middle-class life, Dr John Pinto decides to end it all by wa..

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Making Sense of Social Problems

by: Scott R. Harris

The health risks of trans fats. The carefully selected collection of case studies in Making Sense of..

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