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10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence with Featured Article


If you read nothing else on emotional intelligence, read these 10 articles by experts in the field. ..

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10 Must Reads on Innovation

by: Peter F. Drucker

"To innovate profitably, you need more than just creativity. Do you have what it takes?" If you rea..

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A Sense of Urgency

by: John P. Kotter

Most organizational change initiatives fail spectacularly (at worst) or deliver lukewarm results (at..

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Accelerate Building Strategic Agility for a FasterMoving World

by: John P. Kotter

Based on the award-winning article in Harvard Business Review, from global leadership expert John Ko..

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Achieving Sales Success and Business Growth Winning in the Trust and Value Economy

by: Meridith Elliott Powell

If you want to be successful in this economy, the first thing to realize is just how incredibly diff..

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Armstrongs Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice

by: Michael Armstrong

A classic text for all students of HR Management, Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management ..

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Brick by Brick How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Toy Industry

by: Bill Breen

What is less well known, though, is how close this iconic company came to total collapse in 2003 bef..

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Building Social Business The New Kind Of Capitalism That Serves Humanitys Most Pressing Needs

by: Muhammad Yunus

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus looks more deeply into the concept of social business, an alternative ..

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Built for Success The Story of Twitter

by: Sara Gilbert

MTV. Pixar. Target. Twitter. They are names recognized around the world today, but just how did thes..

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Built to Last Successful Habits Of Visionary CompaniesAI

by: James C. Collins

Drawing upon a six-year research project at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Jam..

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Businein Blue Jeans

by: Susan Baroncini

The world no longer defines successful businesspeople by their suit and ties. Today we live in a wor..

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Business Adventures

by: John Brooks

What do the $350 million Ford Motor Company disaster known as the Edsel, the fast and incredible ris..

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Business Essentials Series: Business Maths

by: Pippa Riley

Business Essentials range is the ideal learning solution for all students studying for business rela..

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Business Ethics Facing up to the issues

by: Chris Moon

This book builds on a survey done by London Business School with Arthur Andersen and work done by ot..

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Business Knowledge for For IT in Investment Management

by: Essvale Corporation

A revolution is a foot in the IT industry; there is no denying the fact. IT professionals that are f..

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BuyIn: Saving Your Good Idea from Getting Shot Down

by: John P. Kotter

You've got a good idea. You know it could make a crucial difference for you, your organization, your..

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Citizen Coke The Making of Coca Cola Capitalism

by: Bartow J. Elmore

How did Coca-Cola build a global empire by selling a low-price concoction of mostly sugar, water, an..

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Crisis Management Mastering the Skills to Prevent Disasters Harvard Business Essentials

by: Harvard Business Press

In today’s volatile work environment, avoiding disaster is more important than ever. Crisis Manageme..

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CustomerDriven IT: How Users are Shaping Technology Industry Growth

by: David Moschella

This title offers a compelling vision of the shift in the IT landscape led by customers. Moschella's..

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Delegating Work 20Minute Manager

by: Harvard Business Review

You know you need to delegate some of your work so that you have time to focus on the things that re..

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Delivering Happiness

by: Tony Hsieh

After debuting as the highest-ranking newcomer in Fortune magazine's annual "Best Companies to Work ..

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Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution

by: Fred Vogelstein

Behind the bitter rivalry between Apple and Google – and how an epic battle is reshaping the way we ..

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Dragons at Your Door How Chinese Cost Innovation Is Disrupting Global Competition

by: Ming Zeng

he new competitive challenge from Chinese businesses is like nothing seen by Western companies since..

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Driving Honda: Inside the Worlds Most Innovative Car Company

by: Jeffrey Rothfeder

For decades there have been two iconic Japanese auto companies. One has been endlessly studied and w..

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Fewer bigger bolder

by: Sanjay Khosla

Fewer, Bigger, Bolder will teach you how to make billions by scaling back, expanding less and bettin..

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For Gods Sake An Adman on the Busineof Religion

by: Ambi Parameswaran

Written by a very well-known expert and CEO who has shared a wealth of personal experience and insig..

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George Soros on Philanthropy

by: Chuck Sudetic

In this title, George Soros along with renowned writers and activists illuminate and reflect upon So..

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Get Rich Through Real Estate without Using Money

by: Pichai Chawla & Manjeet Singh Chawla

This book is primarily focused on the most relevant techniques to manifest money effortlessly. The t..

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Groundswell Winning in the World Transformed by Technology Expanded Revis

by: Charlene Li

Corporate executives struggle to harness the power of social technologies. Twitter, Facebook, blogs,..

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Gurus of Chaos: Modern Indias Money Masters : Modern Indias Money Masters

by: Saurabh Mukherjea

What does it take to be a stock market guru? what are the traits needed to be a successful investor?..

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