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Vintage Cowasjee A Selection of writings from Dawn 1984 2011 -

by: Amina Jilani

Vintage Cowasjee is a selection of some 200 columns from the writings of Ardeshir Cowasjee that have..

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Alternative Realities -


Alternative Realities is a travelogue, a memoir, a satire and a feminist critique of Muslim women s ..

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A Long Walk Home: One Womans Story of Kidnap Hostage Loss and Survival

by: Judith Tebutt

This is the story of how, over a period of one hundred and ninety-two days, I was torn away from the..

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Restaurant Babylon

by: Imogen Edwards Jones

What makes a restaurant hot? Whose name do you need to drop to get a table? Why is one place booked ..

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The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

by: Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath's journals were originally published in 1982 in a heavily abridged version authorized b..

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Defending the Guilty: Truth and Lies in the Criminal Courtroom

by: Alex McBride

Every day, criminal barrister Alex McBride stands up in court and attempts to save people from convi..

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Jony Ive The Genius Behind Apples Greatest Products

by: Leander Kahney

Leander Kahney, author of Inside Steve's Brain, gives us an intimate look at how the legendary desig..

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Anthony Hopkins Biography: The Biography

by: Quentin Falk

Winning the 1992 Best Actor Oscar for his chilling performance as Dr Hannibal Lecter in The Silence ..

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The Good Girls Revolt How the Women of week Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace -

by: Lynn Povich

It was the 1960s--a time of economic boom and social strife. Young women poured into the workplace, ..

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Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain: How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur

by: Ryan Blair

Like many entrepreneurs, Ryan Blair had no formal business education. But he had great survival inst..

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Shamed: The Honour Killing That Shocked Britain by the Sister Who Fought for Justice

by: Sarbjit Kaur Athwal

In 1998, Sarbjit Athwal was called by her husband to attend a family meeting. It looked like just an..

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The Garments of Court and Palace: Machiavelli and the world that he made: A Book That Shook the World Books That Shook the World

by: Philip Bobbitt

One of America's leading public intellectuals presents a fascinating portrait of Machiavelli, his mo..

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A Glimpse of Empire -


This is the story of a young Anglo-Irish-beauty’s visit to Delhi for the 1911 Royal darbar, where a ..

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Gangster Squad The true story of the Battle for Los Angeles -

by: Paul Lieberman

'The shadowy Gangster Squad was formed in 1946 with eight men operating out of two rusted old Fords...

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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman The Unfinished Memoirs

by: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , Sheikh Hasina

These memoirs are based on four notebooks by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh and th..

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I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctors Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity -

by: Izzeldin Abuelaish

‘I'm convinced that the majority of Israelis and Palestinians would rather look to the future than b..

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Stieg Larsson My Friend

by: Kurdo Baksi

Five years after his death, Stieg Larsson is best known as the author of the Millennium Trilogy, but..

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Stieg: From Activist to Author -

by: Stieg Larsson

Until the posthumous publication of the Millennium Trilogy, Stieg Larsson was probably best known fo..

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Taylor Lautner

by: Sarah Parvis

Team Jacob fans will have to own this mini bio of Taylor Lautner, co-star of the hugely successful T..

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Stones into School -

by: Greg Mortenson

In this dramatic first-person narrative, Greg Mortenson picks up where Three Cups of Tea left off in..

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Return to Bhanupur -

by: Giles Tillotson

It is the first duty of kingship to be as the people wish to see me. This fictional account of event..

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The Good DaughterA Memoir of My Mothers Hidden Life

by: Jasmin Darznik

One day shortly after her father's death, when Jasmin Darznik is helping her mother move house, a ph..

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Sweet Valley Confidential Sweet Valley High -

by: Francine Pascal

It's been ten years since the Wakefield twins graduated from Sweet Valley High, and a lot has happen..

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