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Forgotten Fatherland The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche

by: Ben Macintyre

In 1886 Elisabeth Nietzsche, Friedrich's bigoted, imperious sister, founded a 'racially pure' colony..

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Celine Dion For Keeps

by: Jenna Glatzer

Drawing on the personal archives of Celine and her family, this collector's edition compiles beautif..

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Not a Gentleman's Game

by: Arif Ali Khan Abbasi

Former Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Arif Ali Khan Abbasi has launched his debut book –..

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Waheed Murad His Life and Our Time

by: Khurram Ali Shafiq

Presenting the first complete biography of Waheed Murad, covering the diverse aspects of his enchant..

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Evening Rides With My Guru My Pursuit Of Wisdom With Qasim Ali Shah

by: Abubakar Zahoor

Recounts my meditative journey with my guru, Qasim Ali Shah, towards unconventionally simple wisdom ..

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The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel

by: Uri Bar Joseph

In a gripping feat of reportage, The Angel exposes—for the first time in English—the sensational lif..

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Ghalib – Selected Poems and Letters

by: Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

This selection of poetry and prose by Ghalib provides an accessible and wide-ranging introduction to..

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Where the Past Begins A Writer’s Memoir

by: Amy Tan

From New York Times bestselling author Amy Tan, a memoir on her life as a writer, her childhood and ..

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Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain

by: Liam Byrne

Britain's rise to global dominance from the 16th century owed as much to the vision and creativity o..

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Azadi’s Daughter, A Memoir: Being a Secular Muslim in India

by: Seema Mustafa

A fascinating account of an audacious woman’s journey and a rapidly vanishing way of life, Azadi's D..

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Hitler: Volume I: Ascent 1889–1939

by: Volker Ullrich

Despite his status as the most despised political figure in history, there have only been four serio..

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Desperate Networks

by: Bill Carter

In the executive offices of the four major networks, sweeping changes are taking place and billions ..

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Asha Parekh The Hit Girl

by: Khalid Mohamed

Asha Parekh was to the movies born. Ever since she was knee-high, she faced the camera as a child ar..

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M Train -

by: Patti smith

From the National Book Award winning author ofJust Kids an unforgettable odyssey of a legendary art..

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Sweet Gum

by: Jo-Ann Goodwin

Eugene Burnside knows his punters, his suppliers and when to draw the line. But he knows too that to..

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by: Melissa Benn

The dramatic inside story of the downfall of Michael Eisner--Disney Chairman and CEO--and the scand..

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Battlefields And Paradise

by: Sabir Hussain

Delhi, Pathankot, Jammu, Rajouri, Srinagar, Sonamarg, Drass, Kargil, Leh, Hunder...Turtuk After a lo..

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At The Existentialist Caf

by: Sarah Bakewell

Paris, near the turn of 1933. Three young friends meet over apricot cocktails at the Bec-de-Gaz bar ..

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Kohinoor The Story of the Worlds Most Infamous Diamond

by: William Dalrymple

This riveting story of the Kohinoor, the world's most coveted gem, unearths fascinating new info..

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah -

by: Dinkar Joshi

Jinnah, a character of the Indian subcontinent, who has reshaped the map and destiny of the people r..

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Dangerous Minds

by: Hussain Zaidi

Dangerous Minds will delve into the complex and intricate lives of some of the most talked - About..

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Get the Scoop: Supernatural Girls

by: Josi Dashman

The female stars of the Twilight saga - Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick an..

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The Wanted: Our Story, Our Way: 100% Official

by: Jim Maloney

The Wanted: Our Story is the official book by the most popular boy band to break this year. The Want..

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Anne Frank's Tales From the Secret Annexe

by: Anne Frank

I cant imagine having to live like... all the women who go about their work and are then forgotten. ..

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I, Steve: Steve Jobs in his own words :

by: George Beahm

Drawn from more than three decades of media coverage print, electronic, and online this tribute ser..

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