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Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography


Scott Fitzgerald, a romantic and tragic figure who embodied the decades between the two world wars, ..

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Shahrukh Khan Still Reading Khan

by: Mushtaq Shiekh

Shah Rukh Khan has reached a level of hero worship attained by few actors in history. The biggest Bo..

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by: Jasvinder Sanghera

A new edition of the bestselling memoir Shame, including additional content from the author updating..

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Shilpa The Biography

by: Julie Aspinall

When beautiful, glamorous Shilpa Shetty entered the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, little did she ..

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Songs of Blood and Sword A Daughters Memoir

by: Fatima Bhutto

Songs of Blood and Sword is the autobiography of Fatima Bhutto. The book chronicles the tragic life ..

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Spoken from the Heart

by: Laura Bush

In this brave, beautiful, and deeply personal memoir, Laura Bush, one of our most beloved and priv..

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Standing on an Apple Box The Story of a Girl Among the Stars

by: aishwaryaa rajinikanth dhanush

Director, dancer, goodwill advocate for the United Nations: Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth Dhanush is so m..

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Stronger Together -

by: Hillary Rodham Clinton

For more than a year, Hillary Clinton has laid out an ambitious agenda to improve the lives of the..

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Subhas and Sarat: An Intimate Memoir of the Bose Brothers


Subhas and Sarat is a closely observed portrait of the Bose family of Bengal—especially its two most..

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The Bitter Taste of Victory: Life, Love and Art in the Ruins of the Reich

by: Lara Feigel

When Germany surrendered in May 1945 it was a nation reduced to rubble. Immediately, America, Britai..

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The Churchills in Love and War

by: Mary Lovell

The First Duke of Marlborough (1650 1722) was a soldier of such genius that a lavish palace, Blenh..

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The Contractor: How I Landed in a Pakistani Prison and Ignited a Diplomatic Crisis

by: Raymond Davis

On January 27, 2011, on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan, US Government Security contractor Raymond D..

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The Death of Caesar The Story of History's Most Famous Assassination

by: Barry Strauss

In this story of the most famous assassination in history, “the last bloody day of the [Roman] Rep..

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The Genius of Dickens

by: Michael Slater

Dickens is one of the greatest literary icons in the English-speaking world, who possessed a genius ..

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The Glitter Plan How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It Into a Global Brand

by: Pamela Skaist-Levy

While working together at a Los Angeles boutique, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor became fas..

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The Great Seeches of Barack Obama


We are all familiar with the phenomenon known as Barack Obama. However, many of us don't know what h..

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The Making of Donald Trump

by: David Cay Johnston

The culmination of nearly 30 years of reporting on Donald Trump, this in-depth report by Pulitzer ..

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The Militant:Development of a Jihadi character in Pakistan

by: Muhammad Amir Rana

This book mainly focuses on the development of the militant’s character in recent years. The phases ..

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The Princess Diarist

by: Carrie Fisher

When Carrie Fisher discovered the journals she kept during the filming of the first Star Wars movie,..

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The Shahs IranRise and Fall Conversations with an Inder

by: Abdolreza Ansari

A chance encounter diverted Abdolreza Ansari from completing his PHD in the US, and set him on a pro..

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The Story Of Che Guevara

by: Lucía Álvarez de Toledo

Che Guevara is something of a symbol in the West. But for the rest of the world he is different: a c..

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The Travels

by: Marco Polo

A sparkling new translation of one of the greatest travel books ever written: Marco Polo's seminal..

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The Triple Package: What Really Determines Success

by: Jed Rubenfeld

Why do Jews win so many Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes?Why are Mormons running the business and fi..

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The Two of Us My Life with John Thaw

by: Sheila Hancock

When John Thaw, star of The Sweeney and Inspector Morse, died from cancer in 2002, a ..

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Theft by Finding: Diaries: Volume One

by: David Sedaris

The point is to find out who you are and to be true to that person. Because so often you can't. Won'..

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Touched By God How We Won the '86 Mexico World Cup

by: Diego Maradona and Daniel Arnucci

In June 1986 Diego Maradona, considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time, proudly h..

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Tracks A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback (Vintage Departures)

by: Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson's opens the memoir of her perilous journey across 1,700 miles of hostile Australian d..

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Unlikely Hero: Om Puri


Unlikely Hero offers an exclusive glimpse into Om Puri's private life, his struggles and anxieties, ..

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Yes Please

by: Amy Poehler

In Amy Poehler's highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of pers..

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You Gotta Want It

by: Jake Paul

In this extremely positive, motivational, and often laugh-out-loud memoir, Jake Paul pauses long eno..

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