Supply chain management

Supply chain management

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Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management

by: David B. Grant

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the essential guide to the principles and ..

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Strategic Procurement: Organising Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

by: Caroline Booth

Most organizations, regardless of industry, spend more money on suppliers than they do on employing ..

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HBR Managing Supply Chains (Harvard Business Review) 10%

HBR Managing Supply Chains (Harvard Business Review)

by: HBR

Find and fix your weakest links. If you need the best practices and ideas for making your supply cha..

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Ethical Supply Chain Management in India: An Empirical Study: 1

by: N. Chandrasekaran

Ethical Supply Chain Management is study of universal values such as human rights, obeying a co..

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The Talent Mandate Why Smart Companies Put People First

by: Andrew Benett

"Our employees are our greatest asset" - it’s a cliché companies feel obliged to spout. Some may eve..

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InspiredTake Your Product Dream From Concept To Shelf

by: Vik Venkatraman

The definitive reference guide for developing, launching, and rolling out a new product Each year, t..

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Your Company Sucks: Its Time To Declare War On Yourself

by: Mark Stevens

It's every businessperson's nightmare: his or her company is failing, dysfunctional, stuck in neutra..

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International Retailing

by: John Dowson

Learn the how, when, and why of entering Asian markets. Retailers entering Asia are faced with not o..

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The Risk Driven Business Model: Four Questions That Will Define Your Company

by: Karan Girotra

How to outsmart risk Risk has been defined as the potential for losing something of value. In busine..

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The Science Of Retling How Analytics Are Transforming The Supply Chn And Improving Performance

by: Marshall Fisher

Retailers today are drowning in data but lacking in insight: They have huge volumes of information a..

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