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Magic Tales: 5 (Story Packs)

by: Pegasus

Stories have always appealed to children from times immemorial. And stories narrated or read at bedt..

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Baby Farm Animals (Golden Baby)


No one has drawn animals with as much warmth, humor, and realism as Garth Williams, who illustrated ..

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Conker (Reading Ladder Level 3)

by: Michael Morpurgo

A beautifully crafted chapter book, perfect for children learning to read. From master story-teller ..

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Othello Young Reading Series Three

by: Usborne

Deals with William Shakespeare's tragic play about The Moor of Venice. Part of the Usborne Reading P..

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Mr. Tickle in a Tangle


Mr. Tickle's favourite thing to do is tickle people. But, sometimes, his extraordinarily long arms c..

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Green Eggs and Ham

by: Dr. Seuss

When Sam-I-am persits in pestering a grumpy grouch to eat a plate of green eggs and ham, perseveranc..

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Minnie and Daisy #1: Best Friends Forever


A collection of graphic novel stories starring best friends Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck describes ho..

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As You Wish

by: Disney

• 48 pages of colouring activity• Also includes fun interactive activities• A book that brings to li..

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Fairy Ponies: The Magic Necklace

by: Zanna Davidson

Do you wish to be fairy-sized, light as a feather? Then open this book and we'll fly together. Only ..

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Guardians of the Galaxy Read-Along Storybook and CD

by: Megan Ilnitzki

Brash space pirate, Peter Quill, finds himself the target of bounty hunters after he steals an orb t..

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5 minutes fairytale box set


This amazing box containing a set of 20 beautiful classic children fairy tales will be a delightful ..

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Dad School

by: Rebecca Van Slyke

In this adorable kid’s-eye view of what would happen if Dad went to school, a little boy imagines a ..

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Mom and Dad are not Friends Anymore

by: OM Books

Mia’s mummy and daddy are no longer best friends. Mia is sad on her birthday. But there is a big sur..

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Disney Princess Deluxe Storybook Gift Set with Movie Projector, Picture Disks and Stickers

by: Reader Digest

Experience favorite stories in an all-new way with this interactive storybook, featuring a movie pro..

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Pop-Up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaur

by: DK

Discover a world of adorable baby dinosaurs hiding in the pages of this exciting baby book. As Baby ..

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Fairy Mom and Me

by: Sophie Kinsella

Ella Brook can't wait to grow up, because one day she will become a fairy and have her own sparkly w..

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Hunches in Bunches

by: Dr. Seuss

This Hilarious book tells the story of a bored indecisive boy who is urged by a string of Hunches – ..

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Mother Teresa

by: Pegasus

This series includes stories about a few remarkable people who are known far and wide and through th..

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Beauty the Beast Pop Up

by: Pegasus

It will be fun to introduce kids with pop-up books because such books are helpful in enhancing the c..

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Marvel Slipcase

by: Parragon

Relive the famous stories of how your favourite Super Heroes gained their special powers with this M..

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Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Slipcase

by: Parragon Books

Join Ryder and the team for some ruff-ruff rescues in this Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Slipcase! With thr..

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The Lion King: Storytime Collection

by: Autumn Pub

Discover the magical world of Disney in this collectible series of timeless tales from the world's m..

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The Winged Archaeopteryx

by: Om Books

Imagine travelling back to the world of dinosaurs. That’s where you’ll find many flying Archaeoptery..

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Sleeping Beauty

by: Cynthia Rylant

But for a sleeping beauty, Time was a promise. Born into royalty and surrounded by fairy godmothers,..

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