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Pegasus Encyclopedia Library Digestive System

by: Unknown

One of the prime duties of parents and teachers is to kindle the desire for knowledge in children. K..

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Junior Encyclopedia Scientific Discoveries -

by: Sterling

Learn about all the mysterious and baffling secrets of the human and natural world around unit this ..

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Dolphins & Whales in a Box

by: Gina Shaw

IN A BOX pairs complementary fiction, nonfiction, and activities, offering young readers different w..

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Disgusting Science

by: Glenn Murphy

Glenn Murphy, author of Why is Snot Green?, explains how being revolted (and sometimes being revolti..

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Galileo Galilei -

by: Bailey G

Galileo Galilei was a true man of science. He was a visionary mathematician, physicist and astronome..

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Scholastic Discover More Sharks -

by: Penelope Arlon

Every kid likes being freaked out watching a great white shark attack, but this book exposes the rea..

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Scholastic Discover More Weather -

by: Penelope Arlon

Every year, stories of extreme weather events dominate the news. This book not only informs children..

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Scholastic Discover More Reptiles -

by: Penelope Arlon

Favorite topics in active and interactive print and digital books, specially designed for newly conf..

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Slide and Discover Space -

by: Ian Graham

Budding astronauts can embark on a unique adventure as they learn about outer space, and the incredi..

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Angry Birds Playground: Rain Forest: A Forest Floor to Treetop Adventure

by: Jill Esbaum

Follow along with your favorite Angry Birds characters as they go on an incredible adventure through..

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Scientriffic Optical Illusions -

by: Jon Kirkwood

A mind-blowing adventure into the world of optical illusions, this fascinating kit is a terrific way..

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Disney. Wonderful World of Knowledge. The Human Body

by: Jack London

Built on a framework of bones, which are stronger than steel, is the most complicated of all machine..

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The Apprentices Handbook

by: Dugald Steer & Clint Twist

A companion to the best-selling "Wizardology", this book features twenty-four lessons in "Wizardolog..

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National Geographic Readers Koalas

by: Laura Marsh

With a seemingly permanent half-smile on their face, koalas are appealing to boys and girls alike. F..

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Speed Machines Explore Your World: Awesome -

by: Unknown

In the world of speed and technology, superior performance and edge-of-your-seat power are everythin..

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Totally Bugs Totally Books -

by: Dennis Schatz

Totally Bugs is totally cool! Budding entomologists can get an up-close look at bug anatomies and le..

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