Regional Poetry

Regional Poetry

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Poetry For Life Shayaree-e-Zindagee - TBP

by: J S Mishra

ShayareeeZindagee - Poetry for Life is a treasury of some of the best Urdu poetry, over five hundred..

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Shehare Sukhan Arasta

by: Ahmed Faraz

Shehr E Sukhan Arasta Hai By Ahmed Faraz..

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Ajnabi Rahgeer

by: Afsheen Aman

Ajnabi Rahgeer By Afsheen Aman Sheen..

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Mohbbat Aisa Darya h

by: Amjad Islam Amjad

Mohbbat Aisa Darya hai By Amjad Islam Amjad..

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Safar Der Safar

by: Ashfaq Ahmed

Safar Der Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed..

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Laaf Zannian

by: Dr. Younus

Laaf Zannian By Dr. Younus..

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Ghul Dastah

by: Dr. Younus

Ghul Dastah By Dr.Younus..

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Ankhen Bheeg Jati Hain

by: Wasi Shah

Ankhen Bheeg Jati Hain By Wasi Shah..

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Gardish RangeChaman

by: Quratulain Haider

Gardish Rang-e-Chaman By Quratulain Haider..

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GalibEAshfatah Nowa

by: Dr.Aftab Ahmed

Galib-E-Ashfatah Nowa By Dr.Aftab Ahmed..

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Afra Tafreeh


Afra Tafreeh By Doc Mohammad Youns Butt..

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Kalaam Mir Anees

by: Syed Masood Hassan Rizvi Adeeb

Kalaam Mir Anees By Syed Masood Hassan Rizvi Adeeb..

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Ghalib Aur Ghamgeen

by: Parto Roheela

Ghalib Aur Ghamgeen By Parto Roheela..

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Jalib Jalib

by: Mujahid Beralvi

Jalib Jalib By Mujahid Beralvi..

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Urdu Nazam Par Iqbal Kay Asrat

by: Khawaja Akbar Warsi

Urdu Nazam Par Iqbal Kay Asrat By Khawaja Akbar Warsi..

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Kuliyat Rubaiyaat Sadeqain

by: Syed Sultan Ahmed Naqvi

Kuliyat Rubaiyaat Sadeqain By Syed Sultan Ahmed Naqvi..

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Kai Moasam Guzar Gaye

by: M. Azharul Haq

Kai Moasam Guzar Gaye By M. Azharul Haq..

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Ishq ki Taqveem Mein

by: Hameed Kashmiri

Ishq Ki Touqeem Mai Haris Khaleek Ki Nazmain (1985 To 2005) By Dr Syed Noumanul Haq..

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Suraj Mukhi

by: Bano Qudsia

Suraj Mukhi By Banu Qudsia..

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by: Saher Ansari

Namood By Sahar Ansari...

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Another 100 Lyrics -

by: Gulzar

A delightful new collection from the master lyricist. After the great success of 100 Lyrics, this ne..

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