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On Wings of Diesel

by: Jamal J. Elias

Illustrated with beautiful colour photos throughout, On Wings of Diesel takes us on a journey throug..

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Pakistani khandan aur Aurat

by: Shaista Saeed

Shaista Saeed, a sociologist has worked extensively as counselor for Pakistan Women Lawyer’s Associa..

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Rethinking Pakistan: A 21st Century Perspective

by: Bilal Zahoor , Raza Rumi

Rethinking Pakistan brings together some of the best minds of the country and invites them to reflec..

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Qudrat Ka Nizam (Humari Kimiai, Hayatiaty awr Smaji Dunya)

by: Mushtaq Ahmad


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Emad Ud-Din Zangi

by: Sadiq Hussain Sideequi

Written By Sadiq Hussain Sidique is a Good Urdu History Novels.This Book&nb..

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How Pakistan became an Asian Tiger

by: Dr Nadeem Ul Haque

“This extremely lucid and entertaining book provides a fresh new indictment of the international ai..

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Zelaldinus: A Masque

by: Irwin Allan Sealy

On a camel’s back hill beyond Agra stands a Redstone citadel altogether different from the white mar..

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Engaging India Diplomacy Democracy and the Bomb

by: Donald/lillian

On May 11, 1998 , three nuclear devices exploded under the Thar, or Great Indian Desert, shaking t..

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The Fractious Path Pakistan`s Democratic Transition -

by: Raza Rumi

Since its inception, Pakistan has oscillated between authoritarianism and democratic spells. An an..

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by: Syed Mustafa Anwer Husain

Couldn't Have Been Better - My Life Story by Major General Syed Mustafa Anwer Husain is a very i..

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Kala Bagh Dam Shifting -

by: Zafar mahmood

Kalabagh Dam: Sifting Fact from Fiction" provides a comprehensive account of events and percepti..

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Imprint of the Raj: The Colonial Origin of Fingerprinting and Its Voyage to Britain -

by: Chandak Sengoopta

A fascinating account of the invention of fingerprinting in colonial India and the story of how th..

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Superpower?: The Amazing Race Between China's Hare and India's Tortoise

by: Raghav Bahl

In his career as one of India's leading journalists and entrepreneurs, Raghav Bahl has often faced t..

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Tracking Globalization : Debates on Development, Freedom and Justice

by: G. S. Sodhi

As India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, races towards becoming a major world power, ..

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Land of Two Rivers: A History of Bengal from the Mahabharata to Mujib

by: Nitish SenGupta

Land of Two Rivers chronicles the story of one of the most fascinating and influential regions in th..

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Why the West is Best

by: Ibn Warraq

We, in the West in general, and the United States in particular, have witnessed over the last twenty..

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India At Turning Point: The Road to Good Governance

by: T. S. R. Subramanian

In the six decades since India's 'tryst with destiny', we have taken many wrong turns. Public servic..

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Orientalism in English Literature -

by: Abdur Raheem Kidwai

Orientalism in English Literature: Perception of lslam and Muslimsis a study on Literary Orientalis..

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