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101 Things to do to Find Love in the Modern World

by: Cleopatra Valentine

Are you unlucky in love and searching for The One? Look no further! This fun collection of dating ti..

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The Rosie Result 10%

The Rosie Result

by: Graeme Simsion

Meet Don Tillman, the genetics professor with a scientific approach to everything. But he's facing a..

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The Love Connection: How to establish a lifelong bond with your child

by: Neda Mulji

The parenting journey begins with a love connection. We receive the child into our lives with nothin..

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Love What Matters: Real People. Real Stories. Real Heart. -


In the bestselling tradition of The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Humans of New ..

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Couples That Work: How To Thrive in Love and at Work

by: Jennifer Petriglieri

In Couples that Work, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri shifts away from the language of sacrifice and ..

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Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Future Without Children


Across the globe, millions of women are reaching their mid-forties without having had a child. Altho..

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Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behaviour

by: Thomas Erikson

You are not alone. After a disastrous meeting with a highly successful entrepreneur, who was genuine..

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The Life of Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood from Today's Leaders, Icons, and Legendary Dads

by: Jon Finkel

Becoming a dad gives men a VIP pass into the greatest club on earth: fatherhood. Its rewards are unm..

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Reflections Of A Man II: The Journey Begins With You

by: Mr. Amari Soul

This second book in Mr. Amari Soul's "Reflections Of A Man" series (following the release of the ins..

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Why Mummy Drinks

by: Gill Sims

First day back at school. I am going to 100% nail being a school mummy this year. I can totally do t..

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The School of Life: An Emotional Education

by: Alain De Botton

Emotional intelligence affects every aspect of the way we live, from romantic to professional relati..

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Hold on to Your Kids

by: Gabor Maté

Children take their lead from their friends: being ‘cool’ matters more than anything else. Shaping v..

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Everything I Know About Love

by: Dolly Alderton

Award-winning journalist Dolly Alderton survived her twenties (just about) and in Everything I Know ..

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Short Cuts To Happiness: How I found the meaning of life from a barber’s chair

by: Tal Ben-Shahar

In his trailblazing Harvard courses, internationally bestselling books, and lectures and videos, pos..

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by: Edward De Bono

Think, don't fight.In today’s world we use an out of date thinking system to navigate our way throug..

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Bare Minimum Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child

by: James Breakwell

The slacker's guide to parenting from the Twitter's most popular dad! Overachieving parents want you..

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The Key to Happiness: How to Find Purpose by Unlocking the Secrets of the Worlds Happiest People

by: Meik Wiking

Meik Wiking understands happiness better than anyone. In his role as Founder and CEO of the world's ..

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The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes

by: Ruth Hogan

Once a spirited, independent woman with a rebellious streak, Masha's life has been forever changed b..

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Stay or Go

by: Dr Ruth K Westheimer

Committing to a long-term relationship is a big deal—especially if you have doubts. With a focus on ..

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Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman II

by: Pierre Alex Jeanty

What is left unsaid can often be more detrimental to any relationship than most believe. Unspoken wo..

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Unspoken Feelings Of A Gentleman

by: Pierre Alex Jeanty

A beautiful mind is priceless, but so often our most intimate and untainted thoughts go unheard. Thi..

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Everything Grows with Love: Beautiful Words, Inspiring Thoughts

by: Irene Smit

Relish life, love, and friendship—and share it with everyone you love. Created by the editors of&nbs..

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The Bitch Is Back: Older, Wiser, and (Getting) Happier

by: Cathi Hanauer

More than a decade after the New York Times bestselling anthology The Bitch in the Ho..

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How to Get Married in Nine Weeks

by: Rajat Banerjee

Forget about waiting for the perfect mate! You can go out and find The One yourself when you follow ..

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Public Relations For Your Business

by: Frank Jefkins

This classic guide has been fully updated to include coverage of the Internet and e-commerce. In add..

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