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All You Need to Know About Parenting

by: Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

As parents, we all face fear and doubt about bringing up children. It helps to have a guide who can ..

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Bipolar Disorder: The Ultimate Guide

by: Sarah Owen

Has someone close to you been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder? Have you been diagnosed yourself? If ..

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How to Raise Successful People

by: Esther Wojcicki

The godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher and mother of three superstar daughters, shares h..

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Sense Me

by: Annum Salman

Hold this book in your hand, touch its cover, read the lines with your eyes, taste the words on your..

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An American Marriage

by: Tayari Jones

Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of the American Dream. He is a young executive, and s..

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Every Breath

by: Nicholas Sparks

From the number one bestselling author of The Notebook and Two by Two comes an unforgettable tale of..

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29 Dates

by: Melissa de La Cruz

A heartwarming, sparkling romantic comedy about what happens when what your heart wants and what you..

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Her Last Breath: The new gripping summer page-turner

by: tracy buchanan

Food writer Estelle Forster has the perfect life. And with her first book on the way, it’s about to ..

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The Little Book of Positivity

by: Lucy Lane

In a world where we're constantly bombarded by work and worry, we all need a little boost to our hap..

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The Little Book of Health: Simple Steps to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

by: Dr. Michael Spira

Good health is the cornerstone of a long and enjoyable life. And the good news is you can easily inc..

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The Bullet Journal Method Track Your Past Order Your Present Plan Your Future

by: Ryder Carroll

Transform your life using the Bullet Journal Method, the revolutionary organisational system and wor..

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The Change Women Ageing and the Menopause

by: Germaine Greer

When The Change was published in 1991, 'menopause' was a word of fear. Then, as now, expen..

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100 Simple Secrets Happy Families What Scientists Have Learne by Niven

by: David Niven, Ph.d.

A new addition to the best-selling series furnishes practical guidance on the most important aspects..

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The Optimist's Guide to Divorce: How to Get Through Your Breakup and Create a New Life You Love

by: Suzanne Riss

For the more than one million women who get divorced each year, welcome to your support group.Wise, ..

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Dressology The Science of Power Dressing

by: Nandita Pandey

The corporate world is competitive and challenging, where a crucial survival skill is dressing accor..

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Girls Uninterrupted: Steps for Building Stronger Girls in a Challenging World

by: Tanith Carey

Why are girls self-harming and suffering eating disorders in record numbers?• Why do girls feel they..

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For the Best Dad Ever

by: Tim Fenton

DIY experts, spider catchers, barbecue masters – these are just some of a dad’s many talents. And th..

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The Caregiver's Tao Te Ching: Compassionate Caring for Your Loved Ones and Yourself Kindle Edition

by: William Martin

Those who care for the ailing, whether helping someone recover, grapple with a long-term disability,..

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Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos

by: Melissa Benn

A United Nations insider exposes how anti-American and antidemocratic forces have hijacked the UN an..

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100 mple Secrets of Happy Families

by: David

What do people with close families do differently than those with strained or unfulfilling family r..

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The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus: Practical Lessons for Today

by: Charles Manz

 The name Jesus conjures up all kinds of powerful images and emotions. But regardless of religi..

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Emergency: One man's story of a dangerous world, and how to stay alive in it

by: Neil Strauss

With the economic downturn, the hysterical Swine Flu frenzy and the systemic corruption of our polit..

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The Power Paradox

by: Dacher Keltner

It shapes every interaction we have, whether we're trying to get a two-year-old to eat green vegetab..

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A Little Book For Dad

by: Andrew Macallan

For the dearest dad in your life, "A Little Book for Dad" presents a selection of some of the most i..

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Alcohol Nation How To Protect Our Children From Todays Drinking Culture

by: Dr Aric Sigman

We are a nation that loves to drink. And we're passing the habit on to our children. But a growing b..

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