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by: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi's most popular book, providing a complete understanding of Islam..

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The gadget includes a pen with many outstanding features making it user friendly and easily interact..

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Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening

by: Manal Al-Sharif

A vital, inspiring book" (O, The Oprah Magazine): a ferociously intimate memoir by a devout woman fr..

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It's Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race

by: Mariam Khan

In 2016, Mariam Khan read that David Cameron had linked the radicalization of Muslim men to the ‘tra..

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Drummer Girl

by: Hiba Masood

Year after year, in the blessed month of Ramadan, little Najma has happily arisen to the drum beat o..

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Communities of the Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate and Diversity in the 21st Century 10%

Communities of the Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate and Diversity in the 21st Century

by: Emran El-Badawi

What is the nature of the Qur’an? It might seem a straightforward question, but there is no consensu..

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Cyber Sufis: Virtual Expressions of the American Muslim Experience 10%

Cyber Sufis: Virtual Expressions of the American Muslim Experience

by: Robert Rozehnal

The internet has changed every aspect of life in the modern world, providing us with myriad new ways..

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The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin

by: Jonathan Phillips

An epic story of empire-building and bloody conflict, this ground-breaking biography of one of histo..

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The Lost Art of Scripture 10%

The Lost Art of Scripture

by: Karen Armstrong

In our increasingly secular world, holy texts are at best seen as irrelevant, and at worst as an exc..

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Siyasi Muslims: A Story of Political Islams in India

by: Hilal Ahmed

How do we make sense of the Muslims of India?Do they form a political community?Does the imagined co..

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The Islamic World: A History in Objects

by: Ladan Akbarnia

This illustrated introduction offers a fresh approach to the history of the Islamic world from its o..

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Science and Islam: A History

by: Ehsan Masood

Long before the European Enlightenment, scholars and researchers working from Samarkand in modern-da..

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Governing Islam: Law, Empire, and Secularism in Modern South Asia

by: Julia Stephens

Governing Islam traces the colonial roots of contemporary struggles between Islam and secularism in ..

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by: Muhammad Rafi

Messenger Muhammad S.A.W.W is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world. In ..

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Fatimids,The Rise of a Muslim Empire

by: Shainool Jiwa

Emerging from a period of long seclusion, in the year 909 the leader of the burgeoning community of ..

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Warriors of God

by: James Reston, Jr.

This is the epic story of the battle for the Holy Land, and the two opposing warriors at its centre:..

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The Road to Mecca

by: Muhammad Asad

In this extraordinary and beautifully-written autobiography, Asad tells of his initial rejection of ..

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Studies on the Civilization of Islam

by: Hamilton A.R. Gibb

Originally published in 1962, this book presents important studies on the history, literature and re..

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Kahlil Gibran's Little Book of Life

by: Kahlil Gibran

For the past eighty years, the beautiful words of the Lebanese-American poet Kahlil Gibran have grac..

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Islamic Civilization in Thirty Lives: The First 1000 Years

by: Chase F. Robinson

The religious thinkers, political leaders, law-makers, writers and philosophers of the early Muslim ..

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Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue

by: Sam Harris

In this deeply informed exchange, Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz present an antidote to the polarizing ..

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Muhammad How He Can Make You Extraordinary

by: Hesham Al-Awadi

This book tells the story of the Prophet Muhammad as an inspirational role model for anyone who want..

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The Polished Mirror: Storytelling and the Pursuit of Virtue in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism

by: Cyrus Ali Zargar

Islamic philosophy and Sufism evolved as distinct yet interweaving strands of Islamic thought and pr..

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