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Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students 8th Edition

by: D M Vasudevan

This book is the latest edition of the comprehensive guide to biochemistry for undergraduate and pos..

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Ten Cate's Oral Histology Development, Structure and Function 9th Edition

by: Antonio Nanci

Gain a deeper understanding of oral health with the definitive text in oral histology. Written by Dr..

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te linde operative gynecology 11th edition

by: Howard W Jones

Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authentic..

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SRB's Manual of Surgery 5th Edition

by: Sriram Bhat

This fifth edition, of nearly 1300 pages, is a comprehensive guide to the complete field of surgery ..

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Clinically Oriented Anatomy 8th edition

by: Keith L Moore

Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authentic..

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Clinical Surgery Pearls

by: R Dayananda Babu

The second edition ofClinical Surgery Pearlsis a question and answer book for postgraduate and under..

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Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide

by: Sanders

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for ..

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Heart: A History

by: Sandeep Jauhar

For centuries, the human heart seemed beyond our understanding: an inscrutable shuddering mass that ..

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Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition

by: Barash

Where experts turn for definitive answers! Clinical Anaesthesia covers the full spectrum of clinical..

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Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical Disease

by: Steven A. Corbett

Written for medical students and junior doctors, the fifth edition of this essential textbook has be..

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Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set, 11 edition

by: Douglas P. Zipes MD , Peter Libby MD PhD

Trusted by generations of cardiologists for the latest, most reliable guidance in the field, Braunwa..

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Biochemistry 4th Edition

by: Pankaja Naik

This book is the latest edition of this comprehensive guide to biochemical sciences. Fully updated a..

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Berne & Levy Physiology

by: Bruce M Koeppen

Berne & Levy Physiology has long been respected for its scientifically rigorous approach – one t..

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Human Anatomy: Vol 2 Lower Limb Abdomen and Pelvis

by: B. D. Chaurasia

This edition now features freshly drawn diagrams in vivid colours with redesigned labelling and clar..

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Aulton's Pharmaceutics: The Design and Manufacture of Medicines 5th Edition

by: Michael E. Aulton BPharm

From a review of the previous edition:‘For all the pharmacy students out there part of your pharmacy..

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Genetics 101

by: Beth Skwarecki

Our genetic makeup determines so much about who we are, and what we pass on to our children—from eye..

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The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

by: Richard Dawkins

Charles Darwin's masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, shook society to its core on publication in ..

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How to Build a Universe

by: Prof. Brian Cox,Robin Ince,Alexandra Feachem

Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince muse on multifaceted subjects involved in building a universe, wi..

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Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Life: Life Spans in Minutes, Months, Millennia

by: Graham L Banes

Welcome to the Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Life--a jaw-dropping look at 30,000 years of biological ev..

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Are You Smarter Than A Chimpanzee?: Test yourself against the amazing minds of animals

by: Ben Ambridge

Animal science is bizarre and wonderful. At the extreme end of zoology, psychologists are designing ..

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The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone

by: Brian Merchant

Odds are that as you read this, an iPhone is within reach. But before Steve Jobs introduced us to 't..

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Tropical Nature: Life and Death in the Rain Forests of Central and South America

by: Adrian Forsyth

Ernst Mayr Combines excellent science, often based on original observations, with a warm sympathy fo..

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The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Speaking with Your Cardiologist

by: Kaplan

More than 30 million people have been diagnosed with a heart condition, including heart disease, hea..

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Everybody Lies

by: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Blending the informed analysis of The Signal and the Noise with the instructive iconoclasm of Think ..

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