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The Secret Twenties: British Intelligence, the Russians and the Jazz Age

by: Timothy Phillips

Drawing on a wealth of recently declassified and previously unseen material, Timothy Phillips uncove..

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Being Pakistan society, culture and the arts

by: Raza Rumi

How different is Pakistan s culture from that of India? Exploring various aspects of the arts, liter..

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Dreams from My Father

by: Barack Obama

An international bestseller which has sold over a million copies in the UK, Dreams From My Fath..

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Fantasyland How America Went Haywire A 500-Year History

by: Kurt Andersen

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  "The single most important explanation, and the fullest explanation..

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Brit(ish) On Race Identity and Belonging

by: Afua Hirsch

You’re British. Your parents are British. You were raised in Britain. Your partner, your children an..

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The Poisoned Well: Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East

by: Roger Hardy

Almost fifty years after Britain and France left the Middle East, the toxic legacies of their rule c..

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The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency

by: Lanny J Davis

During the week of October 24, 2016, Hillary Clinton was decisively ahead of Donald Trump in many po..

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This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America

by: Morgan Jerkins

Morgan Jerkins is only in her twenties, but she has already established herself as an insightful, br..

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Such Tu Yeh Hai

by: Chaudhry Shujat hussain

Such Tu Yeh HaiIn the book titled Sach Tu Yeh Hai, which is an account of his experiences in politic..

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The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence

by: Elias Davidsson

The attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 – designated as 26/11 – left 162 people dead in a traumatic e..

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Political Risk: How Businesses and Organizations Can Anticipate Global Insecurity

by: Condoleezza Rice

Political risk - the probability that a political action could significantly affect an organisation ..

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The Golden Notebook

by: Doris Lessing

The landmark novel of the Sixties – a powerful account of a woman searching for her personal, politi..

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What We Lose

by: Zinzi Clemmons

Thandi is a black woman, but often mistaken for Hispanic or Asian.She is American, but doesn’t feel ..

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The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius

by: George Orwell

The Lion and the Unicorn was written in London during the worst period of the blitz. It is vint..

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Governing the Ungovernable

by: Dr Ishrat Husain

Pakistan, since its independence in 1947, had to face tumultuous years for the first four decades. D..

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The Age of Anxiety: A History of America's Turbulent Affair with Tranquilizers

by: Andrea Tone

Anxious Americans have increasingly pursued peace of mind through pills and prescriptions. In 2006, ..

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Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe

by: Antony Loewenstein

Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New G..

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On the Nation and the Jewish People

by: Shlomo Sand

Ernest Renan was one of the intellectual giants of the second half of the nineteenth century in Fran..

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China and India

by: Mohan Malik

Despite burgeoning trade and cultural links, China and India remain fierce competitors in a worl..

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by: Tariq Khosa

This book reviews the recent internal security challenges facing Pakistan. It is a timely and valuab..

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Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by: Richard Seymour

Demolishing the Blairite opposition in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn saw off an attempted coup against his lea..

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The Art of War

by: Sun Tzu

Whether you approach this reading for its historical significance or choose to apply this knowledge ..

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