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I Saw Ramallah

by: Mourid Barghouti

A fierce and moving work and an unparalleled rendering of the human aspects of the Palestinian predi..

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Who Killed Liberal Islam 10%

Who Killed Liberal Islam

by: Hasan Suroor

Provocative, insightful, and passionately argued, this book attempts to bring some perspective to an..

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Knots, Art & History: The Berlin Carpet Collection

by: Anna Beselin

Anyone who thinks of carpets has the bright colours of the Orient in mind. Knots, Art & History ..

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Communities of the Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate and Diversity in the 21st Century 10%

Communities of the Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate and Diversity in the 21st Century

by: Emran El-Badawi

What is the nature of the Qur’an? It might seem a straightforward question, but there is no consensu..

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The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin

by: Jonathan Phillips

An epic story of empire-building and bloody conflict, this ground-breaking biography of one of histo..

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Great Muslims of the West: Makers of Western Islam 10%

Great Muslims of the West: Makers of Western Islam

by: Muhammad Mojlum Khan

Muslims have lived in the “West” for hundreds of years, yet the lives of all but a few are little kn..

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Siyasi Muslims: A Story of Political Islams in India

by: Hilal Ahmed

How do we make sense of the Muslims of India?Do they form a political community?Does the imagined co..

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The Islamic World: A History in Objects

by: Ladan Akbarnia

This illustrated introduction offers a fresh approach to the history of the Islamic world from its o..

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Eastern Encounters: Four Centuries of Paintings and Manuscripts from the Indian Subcontinent

by: Emily Hannam

The British royal family has had a long-standing intellectual and artistic relationship with India. ..

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A Very Large Expanse of Sea

by: Tahereh Mafi

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Shatter Me series comes a powerful, heartrending c..

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The Road to Mecca

by: Muhammad Asad

In this extraordinary and beautifully-written autobiography, Asad tells of his initial rejection of ..

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Studies on the Civilization of Islam

by: Hamilton A.R. Gibb

Originally published in 1962, this book presents important studies on the history, literature and re..

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United States of Jihad: Investigating America's Homegrown Terrorists

by: Peter Bergen

Since 9/11, more than three hundred Americans--born and raised in Minnesota, Alabama, New Jersey, an..

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The Prophet King

by: Saniyasnain Khan

The Prophet King (P.B.U.H) Quran Stories for Little Hearts Part of the Quran Stories for Little Hear..

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Awesome Quran Facts

by: Saniyasnain Khan

Awesome Quran Facts is a collection of hundreds of incredible, heartwarming and inspiring facts abou..

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My First Quran

by: Saniyasnain Khan

Description from the publisher : Here for young readers and listeners, are all the best treasured st..

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The Prophet Muhammad Stories for Children

by: Saniyasnain Khan

The Prophet Muhammad Stories for Children, for ages 7 and above, has some of the most-treasured stor..

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Goodword Quran Dictionary for Kids

by: Saniyasnain Khan

Goodword Quran Dictionary for Kids is an ideal first reference book for children who are curious to ..

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Seerah Activity Book for Kids

by: Hayrunnisa Sen

Description from the publisher : The Seerah Activity Book for Kids is a captivating book for childre..

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Wipe-Clean Arabic Alphabet

by: Saniyasnain Khan

Wipe and Clean Arabic Alphabet introduces children to Arabic alphabet in a very clear, fun and engag..

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by: Saniyasnain Khan

The favorite tales from the Quran are timeless, treasured stories, specially chosen for young childr..

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Salat Guide Made Simple

by: Mohammad Thompson

Improve your knowledge of Salat with this easy-to-read pocket reference book. - Gain a meaningful an..

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The Story of the Fly

by: Saniyasnain Khan

This book is a wonderful way to explain the greatest stories of the Qur'an to children and encourage..

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