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Regional Interest

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Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi Aeen Sandas Hamasar Adeeb Aeen Maurikh - (Sindhi)

by: Bhanu Rajopadhye Athaiya

Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi Aeen Sandas Hamasar Adeeb Aeen Maurikh..

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Mohammad Ali Johar aur Muqadma Bagawat

by: Rehmat Farrukh Abadi

The Khilifat movement was the first religiously inspired mass movement of the Muslims of South Asia...

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The New Afghanistan: Pawn of America?

by: Major General Samay Ram

No other country has been through so many wars as Afghanistan. It's eventful past therefore has insp..

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Security Threats to North East India

by: Lt. Gen. N.S. Narahari

The North-East region is a crucible where Aryan, Dravidian and Mongoloid races are intermixed. This ..

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100 Baray Log

by: Maulana Abdul Majeed Salik

ابتداۓ تہذ یب سے حاضر تک ان سو عظیم شخصیتوں کے مختصر مگر جامع سوانح حیات جہنوں نے تاریخ عالم پرانمٹ ..

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National Assembly Electons in Pakistan 1970-2008

by: Liberty / Alligator

This book has nine sections each dealing with a general election held between 1970-2008. Each sectio..

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9/11 - the big lie

by: Thierry Meyssan

Although widely criticized when it first appeared in March of this year, Thierry Meyssan’s 11 Septem..

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by: Anjum Sultan Shahbaz

Tareekh-e-Jhelum ka aagaz krnay se qabal humein hindustan k qadeem hallat ka ek tayarana jayza lena ..

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Babur the Tiger

by: Harold Lamb

Book by Lamb, Harold..

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Afghanistan: The Taliban Years

by: S. Iftikhar Murshed

This first-hand account of Taliban rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 analyses the current situat..

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Muslim Rule in Spain, Muslim Rule in India, Memories of Two Failures.

by: Mohammad Abdulhai Qureshi

This book attempts to explain why there are practically no Muslims in Spain today and why India is n..

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Almia-e-Mashraqi Pakistan

by: Royal Book Company

To understand the seperation of East Pakistan in 1971, it is necessary to put the events of that yea..

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