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Medical Books

Medical Books

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The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed the World

by: Michael Lewis

In 1969 two men met on a university campus. Their names were Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They ..

Rs 1095 Rs 1,040.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,040.25

The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction

by: Henry T. Greely

Within twenty, maybe forty, years most people in developed countries will stop having sex for the pu..

Rs 1550 Rs 1,472.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,472.50


by: Robin Cook

Charlatans is an explosive thriller from New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical..

Rs 850 Rs 807.50 Ex Tax: Rs 807.50

Fundamentals Of Gynaecology

by: Arshad Chohan

Fundamentals of Gynaecology has been written by keeping all these aspects in mind which make it suit..

Rs 1150 Rs 1,092.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,092.50

Diseases of Ear, Nose and throat & Head and Neck Surgery

by: P.L. Dhingra

The book is clinically oriented with practical approach to the patient as before and provides broad ..

Rs 1250 Rs 1,187.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,187.50

Grossman’s Endodontic Practice 13th Edition

by: Suresh Chandra

It incorporates the changes that have occurred in endodontic theory and practice in terms of materia..

Rs 2195 Rs 2,085.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,085.25

High-Risk Pregnancy 5th edition 2018 2 vol Set

by: David James

Continuing the tradition established in prior editions, this product answers the key questions that ..

Rs 18395 Rs 17,475.25 Ex Tax: Rs 17,475.25

Hutchison's Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice 24th Edition

by: Michael Glynn

Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, first published more than a century ago, is the classic textbook on cl..

Rs 3295 Rs 3,130.25 Ex Tax: Rs 3,130.25

Inderbir Singh's Textbook of Human Histology: With Color Atlas and Practical Guide 8th Edition

by: Neelam Vasudeva

The eighth edition of Inderbir Singh's Textbook of Human Histology has been fully revised to provide..

Rs 1550 Rs 1,472.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,472.50

Inderbir Singh's Human Embryology 11th Edition

by: Subhadra Devi

• A complete new outlook to the book with thorough revision and updation of all the chapters.• The b..

Rs 1850 Rs 1,757.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,757.50

Short Cases in Clinical Medicine 5th Edition

by: A B M Abdullah

A helpful learning manual for undergraduates and PG students preparing for FCPS, MD, MRCP, FRACP or ..

Rs 2350 Rs 2,232.50 Ex Tax: Rs 2,232.50

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 2 vols set 9th Edition

by: Vinay Kumar

Dependable, current, and complete, this perennially best-selling text is one that you'll use long af..

Rs 3855 Rs 3,662.25 Ex Tax: Rs 3,662.25

Orthodontics: Current Principles and Techniques 6th Edition

by: Lee W. Graber

Comprehensive, cutting-edge content prepares you for today’s orthodontics! Orthodontics: Current Pri..

Rs 11995 Rs 11,395.25 Ex Tax: Rs 11,395.25

Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry 7th edition

by: Denise Ferrier

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry is the long-established, first-and-best resource for th..

Rs 2395 Rs 2,275.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,275.25

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

by: M.D. Gupte Suraj

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics is the latest edition of this extensive guide to the field of paedi..

Rs 2350 Rs 2,232.50 Ex Tax: Rs 2,232.50

Heart: A History

by: Sandeep Jauhar

For centuries, the human heart seemed beyond our understanding: an inscrutable shuddering mass that ..

Rs 3195 Rs 3,035.25 Ex Tax: Rs 3,035.25

Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition

by: Barash

Where experts turn for definitive answers! Clinical Anaesthesia covers the full spectrum of clinical..

Rs 12650 Rs 12,017.50 Ex Tax: Rs 12,017.50

Schwartz's Principles of Surgery Eighth Edition

by: F Charles Brunicardi

he most modern and complete approach to general surgery, written by the most prominent academic and ..

Rs 6000 Rs 5,700.00 Ex Tax: Rs 5,700.00

Lecture Notes on Urology

by: John P Blandy

Urology has undergone many changes since the last Lecture Notes on Urology was revised. On..

Rs 2615 Rs 2,484.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,484.25

Clinical Management of Strabismus

by: Zia Chaudhuri

This book on ophthalmic sub-specialty encompasses a wide range of disorders of both congenital and a..

Rs 695 Rs 660.25 Ex Tax: Rs 660.25

The Rise And Fall Of Modern Medicine

by: Dr James Le Fanu

The medical achievements of the post-war years rank as one of the supreme epochs of human endeavour...

Rs 1450 Rs 1,377.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,377.50

The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Speaking with Your Cardiologist

by: Kaplan

More than 30 million people have been diagnosed with a heart condition, including heart disease, hea..

Rs 750 Rs 712.50 Ex Tax: Rs 712.50

The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care

by: Eric J. Topol

A medical trailbrazer ushers in the era of Medicine 2.0. Modern medicine is designed for groups. The..

Rs 2295 Rs 2,180.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,180.25

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