Pakistan-US Conundrum

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The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

by: John Perkins

These are the tools used by the ‘corporatocracy’ – a vast network of corporations, banks, colluding ..

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Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove: An Insider's Account of Pakistan's Foreign Relations

by: Khurshid Mehmud Kasuri

The book is the first comprehensive account by a Pakistani Foreign Minister who directly contributed..

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The Dispensable Nation American Foreign Policy in Retreat

by: Vali Nasr

Forcefully persuasive, The Dispensable Nation is a game changer for America as it charts a course in..

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The Warrior State Demy HB Pakistan in the Contemporary World -

by: T.V. Paul

Today it ranks 133rd out of 148 countries in global competitiveness. Its economy is as dysfunctional..

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Magnificent Delusions Pakistan, the United States, and Global Jihad

by: Husain Haqqani

A character led history of the bizarrely ill-suited alliance between America and Pakistan, written b..

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The Secret History Of The American Empire :

by: John Perkins

From the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" comes an exp..

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Team of Rivals The Political Genius Of Abraham Lincoln

by: Doris Kearns Goodwin

The bestselling and prize-winning study of one of the most legendary American Presidents in history,..

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White House Diary

by: Jimmy Carter

Each day during his presidency, Jimmy Carter made several entries in a private diary. He provided un..

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The Post American World And The Rise Of The Rest

by: Fareed Zakaria

The growth of countries such as India, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Kenya is generating a..

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The Obama Syndrome: Surrender At Home War Abroad

by: Tariq Ali

What has really changed since Bush left the White House? Very little, argues Tariq Ali, apart from t..

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