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Kashmir The Vajpayee Years

by: A.S. Dulat and Aditya Sinha

Srinagar in the winter of 1989 was an eerie ghost town witnessing the beginnings of a war dance. The..

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The Footprints of Partition Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians

by: Anam Zakaria

The Partition of British India and the subsequent creation of two antagonist countries is a phenomen..

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The Kashmir Dispute

by: A G Noorani

The book opens with a critical and insightful introduction based on recently published material, whi..

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Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Tragic Hero of Kashmir

by: Ajit Bhattacharjea

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah - Tragic Hero of Kashmir..

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Article 370 A Conitutiol Hiory of Jau and Kamir

by: A G Noorani

On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force with a unique provision—Article 370. T..

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Between Democracy and Nation

by: Kazi

This book focuses on the militarization of a secessionist movement involving Kashmiri militants and ..

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Kashmir And Beyond 1966-84

by: Jawaid Alam (EDITOR)

The princely state of Jammu and Kashmir merged with India in 1947. Two years later, Karan Singh, the..

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The Limits Of Influence: Americas Rule In Kashmir

by: Howard B Schaffer

Since gaining independence in 1947 India and Pakistan have clashed repeatedly over Kashmir, raising ..

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Three Satires From Ancient Kashmir -

by: Kshemendra

Corruption in government, hypocrisy in religion, avaricious greed in business: these are some of the..

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Kashmiri Kitchen

by: Purnima Kachru

A collection of all-colour, compact-sized books which contain recipes of the various regional cuisin..

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In the Valley of Mist Kashmirs Long War One Familys Extraordinary Story

by: Justine Hardy

Does for Kashmir what The Bookseller of Kabul did for Afghanistan Mohammed Dar and his three brothe..

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Across The LOC Inside Pakistan Administered Jammu And Kashmir

by: Luv Puri

The Kashmir issue has been a subject of international attention ever since the subcontinent was part..

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