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A Desolation Called Peace: Voices from Kashmir

by: Ather Zia , Javaid Iqbal Bhat

"The accession of Kashmir to the Indian Union in 1947 had raised objections both in Kashmir and Indi..

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Paradise at War: A Political History of Kashmir

by: Radha Kumar

A political scientist on Kashmir once said to me: “You cannot discuss Kashmir, or the Kashmir confli..

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Kashmir Glimpses of History and the Story of Struggle

by: Saifuddin Soz

In Kashmir: Glimpses of History and the Story of Struggle, one of the most prominent voices of Kashm..

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Secrets of the Kashmir Valley

by: Farhana Qazi

"Qazi skillfully connects us to the intense, complex and remarkably strong women of Kashmir. Their f..

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KASHMIR - A Disputed Legacy 1846-1990

by: Alastair Lamb

The Kashmir dispute has dominated Indo-Pakistani relations since the Transfer of Power over 40 years..

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Between the Great Divide A Journey into Pakistan-Administered Kashmir

by: Anam Zakaria

Seventy years ago, as India and Pakistan gained their independence, the region of Jammu and Kashmir ..

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Behold I Shine Narratives of Kashmir's Women and Children

by: Freny Manecksha

Set in the once-fabled land of Kashmir, Behold, I Shine moves beyond male voices and focuses, instea..

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Danger in Kashmir

by: Josef Korbel

On 15 August, 1947, two countries, India and Pakistan had their independence thrust upon them in a s..

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In the Valley of Mist: Kashmir: One Family In A Changing World :

by: Justine Hardy

A personal, moving, and vibrant picture of one of the most beautiful and troubled places in the worl..

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Jaffna Streettales of lifedeathbetrayal and survival in Kashmir

by: Mir Khalid

In 1989, an adolescent schoolboy from downtown Srinagar watched as his elders extricated themselves ..

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Jammu and Kashmir 1949-1964: Select Correspondence Between Jawaharlal Nehru and Karan Singh

by: Jawaharlal Nehru

"Jammu and Kashmir 1949-1964" is a selection of 216 letters from the correspondence between Dr Singh..

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Until My Freedom Has Come: The New Intifada in Kashmir

by: Sanjay Kak

In the troubled history of contemporary Kashmir, the summer of 2010 will be remembered as a watershe..

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Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits

by: Rahul Pandita

Rahul Pandita was fourteen old in 1990 when he was forced to leave his home in Srinagar along with h..

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Kashmir:: The Unwritten History

by: Christopher Snedden

A radical new look at the largely forgotten four million people of Azad Kashmir the part of Kashmir ..

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Islam In Kashmir: A Study Of Prominent Sufis And Rishis

by: Prof. Hamid Naseem

The book discusses almost all important events and personalities associated in any way with the proc..

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Mughal Leagcy in Kashmir

by: GMD Sufi

"The history of Mughal Empire is well documented and Kashmir which once formed an integral part of t..

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Munnu A Boy from Kashmir

by: Malik Sajad

A beautifully drawn graphic novel that illuminates the conflicted land of Kashmir, through a young b..

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From Home to House: Writings of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile

by: Arvind Gigoo

It has been twenty-five years since around 3.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were uprooted from their homes ..

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Wazwaan traditional Kashmiri Cuisine

by: Khan Mohammed Sharief

When Timur invaded India in the 15th century, he unknowingly introduced to the country a cuisine tha..

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Mukhtasir TareekheHind

by: Hameed Kashmiri

Mukhtasir Tareekh-e-Hind by Hameed Kashmiri..

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My Search for Humanity from Kashmir to Kabul

by: Pamela Constable

Washington Post's foreign correspondent and award-winning author Pamela Constable has spent the bett..

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A Long Dream of Home : The persecution exile and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits English

by: Siddhartha Gigoo

Twenty five years ago, in the winter of 1990, about four hundred thousand Pandits of Kashmir were fo..

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The Many Faces of Kashmiri Nationalism From the Cold War to the Present Day

by: Nandita Haksar

A fascinating and revealing examination of the political history of modern Kashmir through the lives..

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Danger in Kashmir

by: Josef Korbel

Danger in Kashmir..

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