Father's Day Special 2019

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Wisdom: Thoughts and Quotations for Every Day

by: Summersdale

Immerse yourself in the words of the world’s best writers, leaders and thinkers with this beautiful ..

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Don't Panic, You're Only 60

by: Summersdale

B-Day is here! But don't spend it stressing about the precious time that's gone by - embrace the fac..

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1000 Reasons You're the Perfect Dad

by: Rebecca Hall

1000 Reasons You're the Perfect Dad pays tribute to the most important man in your life - your fathe..

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Dad School

by: Rebecca Van Slyke

In this adorable kid’s-eye view of what would happen if Dad went to school, a little boy imagines a ..

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Mom and Dad are not Friends Anymore

by: OM Books

Mia’s mummy and daddy are no longer best friends. Mia is sad on her birthday. But there is a big sur..

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Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup 15%

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

by: John Carreyrou

THE YEAR AWARD 2018 The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos..

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The Reckoning

by: John Grisham

John Grisham returns to Clanton, Mississippi, to tell the story of an unthinkable murder, the bizarr..

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Let Her Fly: A Father’s Journey and the Fight for Equality

by: Ziauddin Yousafzai

For over twenty years, Ziauddin Yousafzai has been fighting for equality – first for Malala, his dau..

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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman From Rebel to Founding Father

by: Syed Badrul Ahsan

The emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign state in 1971 is a tribute to the sagacity and leadership..

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For My Father

by: Sharron Bassin

This is a wonderful collection of sayings, poetry, and short stories about, and for, fathers. Anothe..

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Dreams from My Father

by: Barack Obama

An international bestseller which has sold over a million copies in the UK, Dreams From My Fath..

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Do Fathers Matter?

by: Paul Raeburn

This title provides an exploration of fatherhood from the frontiers of psychology, genetics, and neu..

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Manhood for Amateurs

by: Michael Chabon

"Chabon has always been a magical prose stylist, adept at combining the sort of social and emotional..

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by: Dave Itzkoff

From his rapid-fire stand-up comedy riffs to his breakout role in Mork & Mindy and his Academy A..

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Brief Answers to the Big Questions

by: Stephen Hawking

Professor Hawking was a brilliant theoretical physicist, an influential author and thinker and a gre..

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The Peter F. Drucker Reader: Selected Articles from the Father of Modern Management Thinking

by: Peter F. Drucker

The best of Peter of F. Ducker's articles on management, all in one place.That “management” exists a..

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The Best Bit of Daddy's Day

by: Claire Alexander

A heartwarming father/son story with a familiar school setting - the perfect gift for Father's Day.B..

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The Magic of Thinking Big

by: David J Schwartz

First published in 1959, David J Schwartz's classic teachings are as powerful today as they were the..

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Pablo Escobar My Father

by: Juan Pablo Escobar

Until now, we believed that everything had been said about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, the m..

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For the Best Dad Ever

by: Tim Fenton

DIY experts, spider catchers, barbecue masters – these are just some of a dad’s many talents. And th..

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The Godfather Returns

by: Mark Winegardner

A sequel to Mario Puzo's blockbuster novel, The Godfather,continues the saga of the Corleone fa..

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The Sins of the Father

by: Jeffrey Archer

New York, 1939. Tom Bradshaw is arrested for first degree murder. He stands accused of killing his b..

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The Day Grandfather Tickled a Tiger

by: Ruskin Bond

A heart-warming story of love and friendship Grandfather had brought home Timothy, the little tiger ..

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Fatherhood: Vintage Minis

by: Karl Ove Knausgaard

How to be a good father? Children’s birthday parties, unsuccessful family holidays, humiliating ante..

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