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Social Science

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Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

by: Max Tegmark

AI is the future - but what will that future look like? Will superhuman intelligence be our slave, o..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,135.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,135.25

In Their Own Words: Understanding Lashkar-e-Tayyaba

by: C. Christine Fair

This path-breaking volume reveals a little-known aspect of how Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, a jihadist terrori..

Rs 6695 Rs 6,360.25 Ex Tax: Rs 6,360.25

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History

by: Katy Tur

Called "disgraceful," "third-rate," and "not nice" by Donald Trump, NBC News correspondent Katy Tur ..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,135.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,135.25

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

by: John Carreyrou

THE YEAR AWARD 2018 The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,255.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,255.50

What China and India Once Were: The Pasts That May Shape the Global Future

by: Sheldon Pollock

In the early years of the 21st century, China and India have emerged as world powers. In many respec..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,895.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.25

Kalam on Progress

by: A P J Abdul Kalam

The book talks about the 3 billion people across the globe who live in villages and are often depriv..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,895.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.25

Kiss Collector

by: Wendy Higgins

Seventeen-year-old Zae Monroe is over relationships. Between getting cheated on by the only guy she’..

Rs 1095 Rs 985.50 Ex Tax: Rs 985.50

Kickback: Exposing the Global Corporate Bribery Network

by: David Montero

The World Bank estimates that rich multinational corporations pay hundreds of billions of dollars in..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,255.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,255.50

Teach Like Finland – 33 Simple Strategies for Joyful Classrooms

by: Timothy D. Walker

Finland shocked the world when its fifteen-year-olds scored highest on the first Programme for Inter..

Rs 3950 Rs 3,555.00 Ex Tax: Rs 3,555.00

We Are the Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of REDDIT, the Internet’s Culture Laboratory

by: Christine Lagorio-Chafkin

We Are the Nerds takes readers inside this captivating, maddening enterprise, whose army of obsessed..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,325.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,325.25

29 Dates

by: Melissa de La Cruz

A heartwarming, sparkling romantic comedy about what happens when what your heart wants and what you..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,255.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,255.50

13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

by: Amy Morin

In the time of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, international bestselling author and leading global..

Rs 2095 Rs 1,885.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,885.50

The Women's Movement in Pakistan: Activism, Islam and Democracy

by: Ayesha Khan

The military rule of General Zia ul-Haq, former President of Pakistan, had significant political rep..

Rs 4000 Rs 3,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs 3,800.00

The Paradoxical Prime Minister

by: Shashi Tharoor

Narendra Modi is a paradoxical man. He says one thing and does another. He gives voice to a number o..

Rs 1595 Rs 1,515.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,515.25

The Great Smog of India

by: Siddharth Singh

Air pollution kills over a million Indians every year, albeit silently. Families are thrown into a s..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25

Our Planet

by: Alastair Fothergill

With a foreword by Sir David Attenborough, this is the striking photographic companion to the ground..

Rs 3595 Rs 3,235.50 Ex Tax: Rs 3,235.50

Brave Not Perfect

by: Reshma Saujani

Reshma Saujani, the daughter of immigrant parents, was no different. She worked her way to top grade..

Rs 1895 Rs 1,705.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,705.50

You, Your Child and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education

by: Ken Robinson

As a parent, what should you look for in your children's education? How can you tell if their school..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,795.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,795.50

The Boy Who Lied

by: Kim Slater

Fourteen-year-old Ed Clayton is a liar. It started when his dad went to prison and now he can't seem..

Rs 695 Rs 660.25 Ex Tax: Rs 660.25

Dark Horse: Achieving Success Through the Pursuit of Fulfillment

by: Todd Rose

For generations, we've been stuck with a cookie-cutter mold for success that requires us to be the s..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,075.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,075.50

The Book of Humans: The Story of How We Became Us

by: Adam Rutherford

We like to think of ourselves as exceptional beings, but are we really any more special than other a..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,135.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,135.25

The Sarkari Mussalman: Life and travails of a soldier educationist

by: Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah

In this book, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah explains the intriguing title of The Sarkari Mussalman (gover..

Rs 1695 Rs 1,525.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,525.50

What We Talk about When We Talk about Rape

by: Sohaila Abdulali

Sohaila Abdulali was the first Indian survivor to speak out about rape. Gang-raped as a teenager in ..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25


by: Jean Smith

. How can I tell when someone is flirting with me?. How can I be a more confident flirt?. How do I a..

Rs 1595 Rs 1,515.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,515.25

The Women's Courtyard

by: Khadija Mastur

Aliya lives a life confined to the inner courtyard of her home with her older sister and irritable m..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25

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