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100 Ideas that Changed Film


The milestones that have given Hollywood a hegemony over world cinema are discussed, but so too are ..

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1000 Lashes: Because I Say What I Think


"Raif Badawi's is an important voice for all of us to hear"-- Salman Rushdie Raif Badawi, a Saudi Ar..

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A Brief History Of Time


Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time takes its readers on a historical odyssey, presenting the ..

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A Journey in The Future Of Water


Nourished by fears of global warming and climate change, water has become an issue of international ..

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Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America Russell Sage Foundation Copub


Can a country be a democracy if its government only responds to the preferences of the rich? In an i..

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After the Sheikhs The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies


Noted Gulf expert Christopher Davidson contends that the collapse of the Gulf monarchies is going to..

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Alter Egos


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were rivals who became partners for a time, trailblazers who share ..

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Americas Deadliest Export Democracy The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else


For over sixty-five years, the United States war machine has been on automatic pilot. Since World Wa..

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Among the Hoods Exposing the Truth About Britains Gangs


In 2008 Harriet Sergeant - think tank report-writer, Daily Mail journalist and author of The Public ..

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An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth


This is an inspirational memoir of space exploration and hard-won wisdom, from an astronaut who has ..

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Asian Juggernaut


In Asian Juggernaut, the revelatory and important International Bestseller by Brahma Chellaney, a re..

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Avoiding Armageddon India Pakistan and America to the Brink and Back


The India—Pakistan—America relationship has never been a settled one. In Avoiding Armageddon, Bruce ..

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers LifeDeath and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity


This brilliant work of reportage on the Mumbai slum called Annawadi, and the truelife stories of som..

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Between the World and Me


"Hailed by Toni Morrison as required reading, a bold and personal literary exploration of America s ..

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Beyond the Arab Spring


For years the authoritarian regimes of the Arab world displayed remarkable persistence. Then, beginn..

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Capital Conquest How the AAPs Incredible Victory has Redefined Indian Elections


Capital Conquest: How the AAP's Incredible Victory has Redefined Indian Elections..

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Carbon Democracy Political Power in the Age of Oil


With the rise of coal power, the producers who oversaw its production acquired the ability to shut d..

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China the Developing World and the New Global Dynamic


With China’s rise as a major player in international affairs, how have its policies toward developin..

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Chinas Cosmological Prehistory: The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilizations Earliest Symbols


Building on his extensive research into the sacred symbols and creation myths of the Dogon of Africa..

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Citadels of Glass: The Story of Indias New Suburban Landscape


Ever since the beginning of the economic reforms in the early-1990s, Indian cities have been undergo..

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Citizens Rising : Independent Journalism and the Spread of Democracy


From the fall of the Soviet Union to the Arab Spring to todays continuing conflicts, media have play..

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Dealing with China


Dealing With China takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and fu..

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Deciphering The Lost Symbol: Freemasons Myths And The Mysteries Of Washington DC


Freemason influence on the founding of Washington, D.C., is evident throughout the city's buildings,..

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Devotion and Defiance My Journey in Love Faith and Politics


In the fall of 2001, a newlywed English professor took on a job editing the "women's section" of one..

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Diploma Mills How For Profit Colleges Stiffed Students Taxpayers and the American Dream


The most significant shift in higher education over the past two decades has been the emergence of f..

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Do You Think Youre Clever?Oxford and Cambridge Questions


What happens if I drop an ant? What books are bad for you? What percentage of the world's water is c..

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Ecoliterate How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional Socialand Ecological Intelligence


Hopeful, eloquent, and bold, Ecoliterate offers inspiring stories, practical guidance, and an exciti..

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Enemies Of Intelligence: Knowledge And Power In American


The tragic events of September 11, 2001, and the false assessment of Saddam Hussein's weapons arsena..

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Evolution Religion And The Unknown God


'A witness of creation, if there had been one conscious but uninstructed, would only have seen appea..

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Extra Confessions of a Working Girl


Miss S continues her revealing memoirs in Extra Confessions of a Working Girl.Having left behind t..

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Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen Intellect Books Fan Phenomena


This Fan Phenomena volume will emphasize fan culture surrounding the novels AND the adaptations of J..

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