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Author Information:

Hi there. I’m Jules and I’m a therapist, author and teacher who creates spaces for folx who want to face what’s blocking them so that they can live lives full of self-trust, integrity, purpose and connection. I believe that radical love, the fierce and true kind is a healing energy for us all and I want to help folx find what blocks them from tapping into this innate resource.I am passionate about people and am here to support a world in which collaboration is the key to growth and empowerment. I teach to anyone who will listen about how to work with your brain to make shifts that stick and to create loving relationships with yourself and others. I want us all to embrace our gifts and our mistakes so that we can harness the best in us to make a more creative, responsible and compassionate world. I use insights from neurobiological research to help clinicians and clients have supportive and working relationships with their brains because good relationship with yourself changes everything. I write books sometimes (Setting Boundaries That Stick), I teach sometimes (Neurobiology with Heart and the Neurobiology of Feeling Safe), I color shoes sometimes. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Adam, our daughter Stella and our pup Layla.

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