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Author Information:

Prof Dr Muhammad Tahir Mansoori, former Vice President, Higher Studies and Research at International Islamic University, Islamabad is a renowned scholar of Islamic law with specialization in Islamic commercial law and Islamic banking and finance. He did his LLM (Shariah) from the International Islamic University, Islamabad and PhD in Islamic jurisprudence from the University of Punjab. He is the author of over forty articles on Islamic law published in reputed research journals. In addition to his research articles, he has written several books on different topics of Islamic law especially in the field of Islamic finance. His publications include: Islamic Law of Contracts and Business Transactions; Introduction to Islamic Banking (Arabic); Shariah Maxims: Modern Applications in Islamic Finance; Family Law in Islam: Theory and Application; Ahkam-e-Bay among others. Dr. Mansoori is Resident Shariah Board member of Askari Islamic bank and member of Shariah Advisory Committee of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Dr. Mansoori is an awardee of Presidential award “Izaz-e-Fazeelat” for his outstanding performance in the field of education for the year 2004.

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