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Cherie Calbom is passionate about health and healing because she healed her body from debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyaligia by designing a her own fresh veggie juice and whole foods diet plan. She was so amazed at how her health turned around that she went to graduate school and earned a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University so that she could be a credible source of information. Before she had graduated from Bastyr, the owners of the Juiceman company hired her to write a little booklet for their juicer. One thing led to another and she became "The Juice Lady." Her first book, Juicing for Life, was an international best-seller. It's now available in her third edition as The Juice Lady ' s Guide to Juicing for Health. Then she learned about the amazing health benefits of virgin coconut oil. She wrote about it in The Coconut Diet. Cherie is a raw foods chef who makes green smoothies and fresh juice every day for herself and her husband. Even her dog Annie, the Schnauzer, benefits with homemade meals of veggies, meat, and brown rice. You can sign up for Cherie's free monthly newsletter at

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