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Author Information:

Alex is a writer and journalist, part of The Independent's online team since 2007. He runs Shedworking (www.shedworking.co.uk) which inspired the 2010 book 'Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution' published by Frances Lincoln; The Micro Life (www.themicrolife.co.uk); and Bookshelf (www.onthebookshelf.co.uk) which was the basis of the book 'Bookshelf' (Thames & Hudson, 2012). 'Improbable Libraries', a survey of the most unusual and intriguing libraries around the world, was published by Thames & Hudson in April 2015 and 'A Book of Book Lists' in October 2017 by The British Library. Alex's book on book towns around the world, 'Book Towns' was published in 2018 by Frances Lincoln, and 'Shelf Life' (a collection of essays about books and reading by famous writers) the same year by The British Library. His co-authored 'Shed Manual' was published in spring 2019 by iconic publisher Haynes. His most recent books are 'Edward Lear and the Pussy Cat: Famous Writers and Their Pets' (British Library, 2019) and another co-authored title 'Menus That Made History' (Kyle, 2019). His latest book is 'How To Give Your Children A Lifelong Love Of Reading' (British Library, 2020). He is currently working on books about the history of art, writers' rooms, and tiny houses.

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