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Author Information:

Farrukh Sohail Goindi stands quite prominent in the echelon of progressive scholars and Crusader of the democratic struggle in Pakistan. For the last several years he has taken up a mission to re-establish the social structure of Pakistan on the basis of human values through his pen as well as practical endeavors. He holds a sui generis identity in Pakistan due to his enlightened thought and democratic ideology. Farrukh Sohail Goindi maintains his conceivable distinction among the political scholars and public circles of Pakistan who has never compromised on his Progressive and general ideology. He is presently affiliated with the Pakistan s most popular PTV Channel as a Political Analyst of Current Affairs. His weekly program Tanaazur(Perspective), stands on the top of the Pakistan s Most acknowledged ONE TO ONE Program wherein he has conducted interviews with the eminent political leaders and leading intellectuals of the country. Besides, he has been writing regularly in the national News Papers of Pakistan on the politics as well as Middle East for the last three decades. Currently he has been contributing his widely read Columns Mustaqbil (The future), in a renowned Daily Nai Baat biweekly. His main forte in his Columns is to focus on the Political, Social and Regional Issues of Pakistan, with South Asia and Middle East in particular. Books written by the same author:Chautha Martial Law (Urdu ) (4th Martial Law),Punjab Ka Masla (De-Politicization)Garrison Democracy,Dynamics Of Democracies in Developing Countries, Aalmi Bank-Karoon Ki Dehshat Gardi (The Masters of Capitalism) (Urdu) , Mera Laho, Loag dar Loag, Bikharta Samaj, Mai Hon JahanGard and Turkey hee Turkey.

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