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Alex Martin can mostly be found, scribbling or tapping away in her garden shed, indulging her passion for writing, as the wind and rain lash at her little refuge. Her debut book, The Twisted Vine is based on her own grapepicking adventures in the 1980’s in France when she, like Roxanne Rudge, was running away from life. The Katherine Wheel Series, Daffodils, Peace Lily, and Speedwell cover the time between WW1 and the roaring twenties. Alex is currently working on the fourth and final book, Woodbine and Ivy, set in the second World War. Her latest novel, The Rose Trail, is set between the English Civil War and the present day and was inspired by a real battle that took place in Devizes, where Alex used to live. It is a ghost story woven with a supernatural thread. You can catch up with the launch of new books, reviews, discussions and discount offers on Alex’s blog and you can follow Alex on Twitter. You’ll also find her on Facebook. All of Alex’s lovely books are available here.

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