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Author Information:

Described as an educator, trainer, and most importantly a catalyst, Stephen Harvill has developed dynamic approaches to the learning process. Stephen practices a holistic approach that integrates multimedia and participatory techniques to bring his cutting-edge ideas to life. Engaging and inspiring, his ideas, together with the most current knowledge available, influence the very way his audiences think. Couple this with an infectious and boundless energy and his presentations connect well past the end of the program. Leadership, skill development, and strategic thinking headline the topics Stephen brings to his audiences. A scientific background with experience in organizational dynamics creates the perfect combination to help companies find the opportunity and leverage that exits in a rapidly changing world. Stephen’s ideas will open your eyes and heart to the power found in the inspired mind. An author, consultant, and strategic partner to Fortune 500 companies and national non-profit organizations, his schedule has him traversing the globe. His ability to customize his presentations to meet client’s requirements is one of his trademarks, creating a sense that he is speaking and teaching directly to their needs. For 30 years, Stephen has remained one of the most requested speakers in the country.

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