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Mirza Farhatullah Baig was born of Mughal stock in Delhi. Educated at the Dehli Madrassah, Hindu College and St. Stephen s College, Delhi, he was Director of Education in the State of Hyderabad. Later, he became the Registrar of the high court of Hyderabad. A distinguished writer and humorist, Baig s essays are marked by their richness of imagination and informality of style. His pen-portraits are lively and sharp in characterization. His language represents one of the best specimens of Urdu as spoken in Delhi. Akhtar Qamber obtained graduate degrees in English literature from the universities of Lucknow and Columbia. She taught at Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, and at Miranda House, Delhi, and visited the International Christian University at Tokyo and Western College for Women at Oxford, Ohio, on teaching assignments. After retiring from the academic life, Qamber devoted her time to translating from Urdu and Persian into English. Her earlier publications include a collection of poems written originally in English, and a book on the relationship between the work of WB Yeats and the Noh drama of Japan.

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