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Lonely Planet is the world's number one guidebook publisher. At Lonely Planet we tell it like it is, without fear or favour. There's a whole world of amazing sights, hotels, travel companies and gear manufacturers out there - and we want to tell you which ones we think are best. But we never compromise our opinions for commercial gain. If you read something written by a Lonely Planet author, you can guarantee they've been there, had a look for themselves and are telling you what they really think. It's trusted advice from a trusted source. We publish guidebooks covering almost every country in the world for a range of trips, as well as inspirational food and drink books and coffee table books. We recently launched Lonely Planet Kids, bringing the world to life for kids aged 5+. Country & Multi Country Guides Getting under a countries skin, or exploring several? Our guides are packed with maps, listings and local knowledge. City Guides Want a comprehensive lowdown on one of the world's greatest cities? Grab a City guide for highlights, listings and local knowledge. Shoestring Guides Travel more, for less. We've crammed our wallet-friendly guides with tips on budget eating, sleeping and transport. Lonely Planet's Best of Guides Get straight to the heart of the place. Lonely Planet's new Best of series help you unlock the top sights and authentic experiences easily. Pocket Guides Stepping out on a short break? We've distilled the essential information and local tips that will fit in your pocket. Pictorial & Gifts Unlock the secrets of our beautiful planet with this inspirational range of books that will inspire your next trip. Trips Yearning to hit the highway? Our road trip guides will rev your engines from the US to Europe. Food & Drink Discover the best, most authentic recipes from around the world with Lonely Planet's food & drink books. Lonely Planet Kids Unleash young imaginations on a world of puffing dragons, flesh-eating spiders and intergalactic travel. Phrasebooks Never be lost for words again with Lonely Planet phrasebooks. We've handpicked the most useful phrases (and how to pronounce them) for your next adventure.

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