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Author Information:

Petr has experience entertaining audiences of all ages: from tiny children to groups of adults. He delivers highly visual talks with readings of his picture books and shows illustrations, sketches for his books as well showing how he develops his ideas. A typical school visit will consist of a book talk and then lead on to a collaborative mural workshop. The collaborative workshop, for approximately 50 pupils, could be based on characters from his book. Eg a workshop based on “Silly Suzy Goose”. Suzy is a goose, which wants to be different from the other geese. She wants to run as fast as an ostrich, wants to be as tall as a giraffe, swim as fast as a seal and so on. Petr would provide an image of Suzy Goose, for example riding an elephant. Children would then make their own pictures of animals doing something unusual, for example a horse on a skateboard, a fish on a bicycle, a zebra in the colours of a rainbow and so on. He would then collage the children’s drawings onto the picture. The workshop itself may take between an hour and half to two hours. I will also need at least an hour and half for the preparation first thing in the morning.

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