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Author Information:

Yasmeen Hameed has over thirty years of experience in the fields of education, literature and art. She was the Founder Director of the Gurmani Centre for South Asian Languages and Literature in the Social Sciences Department at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She worked in LUMS from 2007 to August 2016. Yasmeen Hameed has authored five books of poetry in Urdu. These are Pas-e Ᾱ’īnā (1988), Hisār-e Bē Dar-o-Dīvār (1991), Ādẖā Din Aur Ᾱdẖī Rāt (1996), Fanā Bẖī Ēk Sarāb (2001) and Bē Samar Pēṛoṅ Kī Kvāhish (2012). The first four books were collectively published under the title Dūsrī Zindagī (700 pages) in 2007. A selection of her poetry titled Hum Do Zamānon Mēn Paidā Hūē was published in 2018. Her book, Pakistani Urdu Verse (English…513 pages) was published by Oxford University Press in 2010. She has edited and translated this anthology of the Urdu nazm, introducing sixty-three Urdu poets of the post-Iqbal period. She has compiled and edited Daybreak: Writings on Faiz published by Oxford University Press in 2013. She has also compiled and edited Nayā Urdu Afsānā published by Sang-e Meel Publications in 2014.

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