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Author Information:

Abdul Halim Sharar (Urdu: عبدالحلیم شرر‎; 4 September 1860 – 1 December 1926)[1][2] was an Indian author, playwright, essayist and historian from Lucknow. He left behind, in all, hundred and two books. He often wrote about the Islamic past and extolled virtues like courage, bravery, magnanimity and religious fervour. Malikul Azia Vārjina (1889), Firdaus-e-Bareen (1899), Zawāl-e-Baghdad (1912), Husn kā Daku (1913–1914), Darbar-e-Harampur (1914) and Fateh Maftūh (1916) are some of his famous novels. His book Guzishta Lucknow is still considered as one of the best narrative describing the genesis of the city and its culture of Lucknow. "جویائے حق" "Juya-e-Haq" is one of his lesser known works, it's the story of Salman the Persian, one of Muhammad's companions. It is based on the letters of Salman to Bahira a Christian religious figure in Syria, about his journey to Madina to find the last prophet and description of the Muhammad and his dealings. Abdul Haleem Sharar added the original text of letters in biography of Salman the persian.

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