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A leader in not-for-profit healthcare, Janet L. Meyer is a seasoned and results-oriented professional experienced in integrated delivery systems, community-driven transformation and publicly funded healthcare. During her career, she has served Medicaid enrollees at the highest level as a health plan chief executive (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO). Before joining HMA, Janet was CEO of Health Share of Oregon where she led certification, development and implementation of the state’s largest coordinated care organization (CCO) serving Medicaid enrollees. She successfully developed and implemented strategic plans and tactical initiatives to address health disparities, upstream prevention initiatives, and targeted programs for vulnerable and high-risk populations. With a focus on data and analytics, she worked to elevate equity and the elimination of disparities in the CCO by prioritizing staff education and development programs, appointment of a chief engagement and equity officer, funding a fully staffed equity team, and prioritizing disparities and equity metrics.

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