John Adair

John Adair (January 9, 1757 ? May 19, 1840) was an American pioneer, soldier and statesman of Mercer County, Kentucky. He was governor of Kentucky and represented the state in both the U.S. House and Senate.
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The Inspirational Leader

by: John Adair

One of the foremost thinkers on leadership. Sir John Harvey-Jones John Adair is the first professor ..

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The Action Centred Leader

by: John Adair

The best managers are not bosses but leaders, and leadership is the crux of successful management. I..

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John Adair Inspiring Leadership

by: John Adair

In this stimulating and rewarding book, JOHN ADAIR poses the questions, who are the great leaders in..

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Effective Leadership Masterclass: Secrets Of Success From The Worlds Greatest Leaders

by: John Adair

Leadership skills are essential for any aspiring manager, and there are no better guides to those sk..

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Confucius on Leadership Unabridged

by: John Adair

Few things are more important than the quality and credibility of leaders, as they play a vitalle in..

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The Leadership Of Muhammad

by: John Adair

Inspired from his service at a Bedouin regimen, The Leadership of Muhammad by John Adair is a book o..

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Effective Strategic Leadership The Complete Guide To Strategic Management

by: John Adair

The book that will enable you to approach your role with confidence and help you to be the best mana..

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