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George Friedman

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The Next 100 Years: A Forecast For The 21St Century

by: George Friedman

The New York Times Bestseller If you think you know where the world is headed, think again Mexico ma..

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by: George Friedman

With remarkable accuracy, George Friedman has forecasted coming trends in global politics, technolog..

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The Next 100 Years A Forecast For The 21st Century

by: George Friedman

A fascinating, eye-opening and often shocking look at what lies ahead for the U.S. and the world fro..

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The Next Decade Where We Have Been And Where We Are Going

by: George Friedman

The bestselling author of The Next 100 Years sharpens his focus to the next ten years, specifically ..

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Americas Secret War New Edition

by: George Friedman

George Friedman's company, STRATFOR (Strategic Forecasting), has received incredible accolades for w..

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