Steve Coll

Steve Coll (born October 8, 1958) is an American journalist, academic and executive. He is currently the dean of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he is also the Henry R. ... A staff writer for The New Yorker, he served as the president and CEO of the New America think tank from 2007 to 2012.
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Private Empire: Exxonmobil and American Power

by: Steve Coll

In this, the first hard-hitting examination of ExxonMobil--the largest and most powerful private cor..

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Directorate S The C.I.A and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan 2001–2016

by: Steve Coll

In the wake of the terrible shock of 9/11, the C.I.A. scrambled to work out how to destroy Bin Laden..

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The Bin Ladens Oil Money Terrorism And The Secret Saudi World

by: Steve Coll

The Bin Ladens are shrouded in secrecy, living in one of the most closed, unaccountable countries on..

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Private Empire ExxonMobil and American Power

by: Steve Coll

The oil giant ExxonMobil makes more money annually than the GDP of most countries; has greater sway ..

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Ghost Wars The Secret History Of The CIA

by: Steve Coll

The news-breaking book that has sent schockwaves through the White House, Ghost Wars is the most acc..

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Private Empire: ExxonMobil And American Power

by: Steve Coll

Steve Coll's Private Empire is winner of the FT/GOLDMAN SACHS BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012. ..

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