Edward De Bono

Edward De Bono (born 1933) writes prolifically on the subject of thinking and conducts training in the same field. Many people know him as having coined the term lateral thinking, of which they consider him the pioneer. Born in Malta, De Bono studied at St Edward's College and subsequently gained a medical degree from the Royal University of Malta. Studying at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, he gained an honours degree in psychology and physiology and a D.Phil in medicine. He went on to complete a PhD at Cambridge, and to faculty appointments at Oxford, London, Cambridge and Harvard. He is married with two sons, and lives on the Channel Islands. He has written "62 books with translations into 37 languages". He has spent the last 30 years teaching thinking, including working with governments, corporations, organisations and individuals, speaking publicly or privately on many matters. He has started to set up SITO - the 'Supranational Independent Thinking Organisation' based in Malta, which he describes as a "kind of intellectual Red Cross". De Bono's work has become particularly popular in the sphere of business - perhaps because of the perceived need to restructure corporations, to allow more flexible working practices and to innovate in products and services.
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Textbook of Wisdom

by: Edward De Bono

Wisdom comes with living a long life, full of rich experiences and can’t be learnt, right? Wrong. In..

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Sur/petition: The New Business Formula to Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

by: Edward De Bono

Don’t chase the market leader, be the market leader.Edward de Bono, the bestselling author of Seriou..

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by: Edward De Bono

Think, don't fight.In today’s world we use an out of date thinking system to navigate our way throug..

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Lateral Thinking: A Textbook of Creativity

by: Edward De Bono

In schools we are taught to meet problems head-on: what Edward de Bono calls 'vertical thinking'. Th..

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Six Thinking Hats

by: Edward De Bono

Meetings are a crucial part of all our lives, but too often they go nowhere and waste valuable time...

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The Mechanism of Mind Understand how your mind works to maximise memory and creative potential

by: Edward De Bono

Drawing on colourful visual imagery to help explain his theories and thought-processes, from light b..

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Serious Creativity A StepbyStep Approach to Using the Logic of Creative Thinking

by: Edward De Bono

If you want to be the best, focus on your most valuable asset: the power of your creative mind As c..

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by: Edward De Bono

Simplicity is THE classic work about making the complicated simple, from world-renowned writer and p..

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How To Have Creative Ideas 62 Exercises To Develop The Mind

by: Edward De Bono

Everybody wants to be creative. Creativity makes life more fun, more interesting and more full of ac..

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