Sally Gardner

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The Real Fairy Storybook

by: Sally Gardner

It¹s nearly midnight, and there¹s still a thousand pearls to be sewn on the Fairy Queen¹s dress... E..

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An Almond for a Parrot

by: Sally Gardner

shades of Sarah Waters…irresistible’ – The Guardian‘I would like to make myself the heroine of ..

Rs 795 Rs 755.25 Ex Tax: Rs 755.25

Early Reader Sleeping Beauty

by: Sally Gardner

Sleeping Beauty, cursed to sleep for a hundred years, retold by bestselling author Sally Gardner in ..

Rs 495 Rs 420.75 Ex Tax: Rs 420.75

Maggot Moon

by: Sally Gardner

Narrated against the backdrop of a ruthless regime determined to beat its enemies in the race to the..

Rs 795 Rs 675.75 Ex Tax: Rs 675.75

The Princess and the Pea Early Reader: Princesses

by: Sally Gardner

The timeless tale of the prince who wants to marry a princess and decides to use a tiny vegetable to..

Rs 425 Rs 361.25 Ex Tax: Rs 361.25

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