Pankaj Mishra

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Age of Anger A History of the Present

by: Pankaj Mishra

How can we explain the origins of the great wave of paranoid hatreds that seem inescapable in our ..

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The Romantics: A Novel

by: Pankaj Mishra

Samar, a young man of limited means, moves to Benares, the ancient city of learning, to lose himself..

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A Great Clamour Encounters with China and Its Neighbours

by: Pankaj Mishra

An intellectual who faults the communist party for not being left enough; a tibetan poet who has bec..

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Temptations of the West How to be Modern in IndiaPakistanTibet and Beyond

by: Pankaj Mishra

In this sparkling collection from one of our greatest essayists, Pankaj Mishra looks at the surprisi..

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From the Ruins of Empire The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia

by: Pankaj Mishra

Pankaj Mishra's provocative account of how China, India and the Muslim World are remaking the world ..

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