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Milan Kundera

Milan Kundera is a Franco-Czech writer, born April 1, 1929 in Brno, Czechoslovakia. He has lived in France since 1975, and has been a French citizen since 1981. Kundera, along with other Czech artists and writers such as V?clav Havel, was involved in t
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The Art of the novel -

by: Milan Kundera

In seven independent, but closely related chapters, Milan Kundera presents his personal conception o..

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

by: Milan Kundera

In this novel - a story of irreconcilable loves and infidelities - Milan Kundera addresses himself t..

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Life Is Elsewhere

by: Milan Kundera

A budding poet and his adoring mother are the central characters of this intriguing early novel by M..

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by: Milan Kundera

A novel by the author of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"...

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by: Milan Kundera

This breathtaking, reverberating survey of human nature finds Kundera still attempting to work out t..

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