Jennifer Niven

Jennifer Niven writes both fiction and nonfiction books.Her novels for adults include American Blonde,Becoming Clementine,Velva Jean Learns to Fly,and Velva Jean Learns to Drive All the Bright Places,was published in 2015. Holding Up the Universe is her second young adult book
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Holding Up the Universe

by: Jennifer Niven

Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout, the girl once dubbed 'America's Fattest Teen'. But no one'..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,015.75 Ex Tax: Rs 1,015.75

All the Bright Places -

by: Jennifer Niven

Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But e..

Rs 895 Rs 760.75 Ex Tax: Rs 760.75

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