Ian Talbot

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People on the Move: Punjabi Colonial and Post-Colonial Migration (The Subcontinent Divided: A New Beginning)

by: Ian Talbot

The volume examines a century of Punjabi Migration. This has been marked by both the massive upheava..

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A History of Modern South Asia

by: Ian Talbot

Noted historian Ian Talbot has written a new history of modern South Asia that considers the Indian ..

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Lahore in the Time of the Raj

by: Ian Talbot

Lahore during the Raj was a prosperous and cosmopolitan place, where many communities lived togeth..

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The Independence Of India And Pakistan

by: Ian Talbot

These research articles examine three distinct themes relating to the independence of India and Paki..

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Pakistan: A New History

by: Ian Talbot

If Pakistan is to preserve all that is good about the country, it must face the deterioration of its..

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