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Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi

Image result for about Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi was born in a learned family of Jaipur, Rajasthan, on 4 September 1923. ... Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi Joined Allied Bank Ltd in 1965 as managing director. In 1974, he became president of United Bank Ltd. In 1977, he became chairman of the Pakistan Banking Council.
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Aab e Gum

by: Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi

س مجموعے کے بیشتر کردار ماضی پرست، ماضی زدہ اور مردم گزیدہ ہیں۔ ان کا اصل مرض ناسٹلجیا ہے۔ جب انسان ..

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by: Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi

Khakam-e-Badhan By Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi..

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