Pakistan & India Conflict

Pakistan & India Conflict

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Fighting shadows: Post-war on terror Pakistan

by: Muhammad Samrez Salik

Since 2001 Pakistani nation and its armed forces have faced the daunting challenge of war on terror...

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In Search of Freedom

by: Sagari Chhabra

In Search of Freedom is a journey through India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Burma searching f..

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GANGA TO PULWAMA: India's False Flag Operations


The book “Ganga to Pulwama – India’s False Flag Operations” presents a critical evaluation of India’..

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On Leaders and Icons: From Jinnah to Modi

by: Kuldip Nayar

In this frank and freewheeling narrative, Kuldip Nayar recounts his experiences of meeting many of t..

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Muslim Rule in Spain, Muslim Rule in India, Memories of Two Failures.

by: Mohammad Abdulhai Qureshi

This book attempts to explain why there are practically no Muslims in Spain today and why India is n..

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Partition: The story of Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan in 1947

by: Barney White Spunner

Between January and August 1947 the conflicting political, religious and social tensions in India cu..

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India and Pakistan: Neighbours at Odds

by: Avtar Bhasin

The book is based on archival material accessed for the first time from the Nehru Papers and the arc..

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The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence

by: Elias Davidsson

The attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 – designated as 26/11 – left 162 people dead in a traumatic e..

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Politics of the All-India Muslim League 1924-1940

by: Kishwar Sultana

This book outlines a narrative account of Jinnahs role in the political development of the Muslim Le..

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The People Next Door The Curious History of India-Pakistan Relations

by: T.C.A.Raghavan

This book tracks seventy years of the India-Pakistan interface. Events, anecdotes and personalitie..

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Azadi’s Daughter, A Memoir: Being a Secular Muslim in India

by: Seema Mustafa

A fascinating account of an audacious woman’s journey and a rapidly vanishing way of life, Azadi's D..

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The Indian Spy: The True Story of the Most Remarkable Secret Agent of World War II

by: Mihir Bose

Bhagat Ram Talwar, a Hindu Pathan from the Northwest Frontier Province of British India, was the onl..

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Indian Summer

by: marcia willett

For Kit, the quiet Devon village she visits every year is the perfect retreat. But this summer, sh..

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Indus Divided India Pakistan and the River Basin Dispute


The Indus Waters Treaty is considered a key example of India–Pakistan cooperation, which had a criti..

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India: The Siege within

by: M.J. Akbar

An explanation of the resilient achievements of India's secular democracy as well as its vulnerabili..

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Being the OtherThe Muslim in India Hardcover

by: Saeed Naqvi

‘The clouds are moving ecstatically from Kashi to Mathura and the sky will remain covered with den..

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The Raj at War: A People's History of India's Second World War

by: Yasmin Khan

The Second World War was not fought by Britain alone. India produced the largest volunteer army in..

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Back from the Brink: IndiaPakistan Ties Revisited

by: Riaz Shaikh

Back from the Brink: India-Pakistan Ties Revisited By Riaz Shaikh...

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Muslim Portraits: Everyday Lives in India

by: Mukulika Banerjee (ed.)

In this interesting new volume, twelve anthropologists present a set of portraits of Muslims in Indi..

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Indian Muslim Students at Cambridge

by: K.K.Aziz

Indian Muslim Students at Cambridge by K.K.Aziz..

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Genealogy of the Post Colonial State in India and Pakistan


State formation in post-colonial societies differed greatly from the formation of the Western capita..

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Remnants Of The Sikh Empire Historical Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan

by: Bobby Singh Bansal

Remnants of the Sikh Empire attempts to trace the shared heritage of three countries in the context ..

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