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Twice: The Story of K-Pop’s Greatest Girl Group - Paperback 10%

Twice: The Story of K-Pop’s Greatest Girl Group - Paperback

by: Jamie Heal

In the space of just five years, Twice have taken the K-Pop world by storm.With hundreds of millions..

Rs 1495 Rs 1,345.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,345.50

The Rolling Stones In the Beginning : With unseen images 10%

The Rolling Stones In the Beginning : With unseen images


"The finest single collection of Stones photographs I have ever seen" - Bill WymanNEW, EXPANDED EDIT..

Rs 5795 Rs 5,215.50 Ex Tax: Rs 5,215.50

Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community 10%

Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community

by: Lady Gaga

For Lady Gaga, kindness is the driving force behind everything she says and does. The quiet power of..

Rs 2895 Rs 2,605.50 Ex Tax: Rs 2,605.50

Stuff Every Mom Should Know - (HB)

by: Heather Gibbs Flett

This little handbook is filled with all the secrets and strategies a smart mother needs to know. Fea..

Rs 1595 Rs 1,515.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,515.25

Music In The Castle Of Heaven: A Portrait Of Johann Sebastian Bach


Music In The Castle Of Heaven: A Portrait Of Johann Sebastian Bach..

Rs 1450 Rs 1,377.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,377.50

Foo Fighters

by: Mick Wall

Foo Fighters..

Rs 750 Rs 712.50 Ex Tax: Rs 712.50

The Sum of All Fears

by: Tom Clancy

Peace may finally be at hand in the Middle East, as Jack Ryan, Deputy Director of Intelligence for t..

Rs 1195 Rs 1,135.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,135.25

TAKE-2: 50 Films that Deserve a New Audience

by: Deepa Gahlot

TAKE-2: 50 Films that Deserve a New Audience..

Rs 795 Rs 755.25 Ex Tax: Rs 755.25

The Secret Life of the Movies

by: Simon Brett

From the small references and inspirations, through to clues, hidden meanings and moments in frame t..

Rs 2295 Rs 2,180.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,180.25

Bollywood: The Films! The Songs! The Stars!

by: DK

Bollywood charts the the world's biggest film industry year-by-year from the pioneering studios of t..

Rs 2995 Rs 2,845.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,845.25

The New York Trilogy: Faber Modern Classics

by: Paul Auster

The New York Trilogy is perhaps the most astonishing work by one of America's most consistently asto..

Rs 850 Rs 807.50 Ex Tax: Rs 807.50


by: Stephen King

The #1 national bestseller for Stephen King's rabid fans, Cujo "hits the jugular" (The New York Time..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,325.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,325.25

Dancing The Dream

by: Michael Jackson

'People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It's like stepping into a river an..

Rs 2650 Rs 2,517.50 Ex Tax: Rs 2,517.50

Dark Days

by: Randy Blythe

In 2010, a nineteen-year-old super-fan rushed the stage during a Lamb of God concert in Prague. To p..

Rs 2695 Rs 2,560.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,560.25

Ustad Vilayat Khan: a Life Set to Music

by: Niharika Seth

He is the maestro of the sitar who can create musical magic on its strings. As aficionados say, when..

Rs 425 Rs 403.75 Ex Tax: Rs 403.75

Loving Amy: A Mother's Story

by: Janis Winehouse

Arguably the most gifted artist of her generation, Amy Winehouse died tragically young, aged just 27..

Rs 1295 Rs 1,230.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,230.25


by: Saffia Saleem Beyg

A book for music lovers...

Rs 4000 Rs 3,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs 3,800.00


by: robbie robertson

Robbie Robertson's singular contributions to popular music have made him one of the most beloved s..

Rs 1895 Rs 1,800.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,800.25



by: Bob Dylan

An unprecedented publishing event - the first audio book in a series of memoirs by one of the most..

Rs 1695 Rs 1,186.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,186.50

Word & Music Games

by: Bonnie Macmillan

Sing a song of musical smarts and language games that build the brain. These 150 activities stimulat..

Rs 495 Rs 470.25 Ex Tax: Rs 470.25

The Documentary Moviemaking Course: The Starter Guide to Documentary Filmmaking (Professional Media Practice)

by: Kevin Lindemuth

More filmmakers are employed in making documentary films than any other genre. Thanks to the user-fr..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25

Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombays Dance Bars

by: Sonia Faleiro

Already published in India to great acclaim and named a "Time Out" Subcontinental Book of the Year a..

Rs 950 Rs 902.50 Ex Tax: Rs 902.50

Absolutely on Music Conversations with Seiji Ozawa

by: Haruki Murakami

An intimate conversation about music and creativity, between the internationally bestselling writer ..

Rs 1795 Rs 1,705.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,705.25

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