Faith Hope And Healing Inspiring Lessons Learned By :

Faith Hope And Healing Inspiring Lessons Learned
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Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine, and Miracles , in which he explored the powerful role the mind can play in fighting illness. Sharing stories of seriously ill patients who survived against the odds and those who seemed to give in to their own deaths, the book inspired countless readers to consider the possibilities of thinking themselves well. Siegel believed––and still does––that the power to heal comes from the human mind through will, determination, and love. Over the last 20 years, his philosophy and advice have led many physicians and other healthcare professionals to help patients participate in and influence their own recovery. Many readers of Love, Medicine, and Miracles have wondered what comes next. What happened to patients who followed Siegel′s advice? In Faith, Hope, and Healing, Siegel shares the inspiring stories of people who have experienced cancer and found deeper faith, hope, joy, and healing through the process. Grouped into sections on faith, hope, and healing, these stories and Siegel′s insightful commentaries will encourage and help readers to develop an attitude and personality that survivors share, while also offering myriad ways to get through difficult times and discover the gifts that illness can bring into a person′s life. In this book, Siegel reveals what these people′s experiences tell us about our common strengths and humanity and how to live an authentic, fulfilling life."I regard Bernie Siegel as one of the greatest healers of our time."––Deepak Chopra Bernie S. Siegel, MD (New Haven, CT), speaks and runs workshops across the country and is devoted to humanizing medical care and medical education. His books, Love, Medicine and Miracles (978–0–06–091983–2), Peace, Love and Healing (978–0–06–091705–0), and How to Live Between Office Visits (978–0–06–092467–6), are classics in the field of healing. Jennifer Sander (Granite Bay, CA) and her writing have been featured on CNBC, CNN, The View, USA Today, Fortune Small Business, and Fox News, among other media outlets. She is also the coauthor of Boyfriend University (see page 16).

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