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#1 Sokka, the Sword Master: The adventures of Aang and his friends continue in Sokka, the Sword Master, the first of two brand-new Avatar Level 3 Ready-to-Reads! When Sokka feels bad that he is not a master of anything – unlike Aang the Avatar, Toph the Earthbender, and his own sister Katara the Waterbender – he decides to master the sword. Disguising himself as a member of the Fire Nation, Sokka convinces Piandao, the master Fire Nation swordsman, to teach him the art. Piandao puts him through a series of exercises in order to prove himself, and eventually, Sokka is deemed a worthy sword master. But when he suddenly confesses to being from the Water Tribe, an angry Piandao challenges him to a duel! Who will emerge the victor? #2 Aang's School Days: In the second installment of the Avatar Ready-to-Read series, Aang and his friends are living in the Fire Nation, disguising themselves as natives in an attempt to blend in. Having visited the Fire Nation before, Aang is especially confident in his disguise – until he is mistaken for a school kid playing hooky. Aang is dragged off to a Fire Nation school – and he discovers that he actually likes it! But when his own beliefs clash with traditional customs, Aang finds himself in hot water. Can he help change the way things are done? Or will he just get himself into more trouble? Readers between the ages of 6 and 8 will strengthen their skills with these 32 page, Level 3 Ready-to-Reads, featuring full-color illustrations of their favorite Avatar characters.

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